Left to Their Own Devices? Small Business and the BYOD Question

Eventually almost every small business owner will need to issue a policy on using personal devices for business so here's a primer on the main benefits and risks when employees are allowed to BYOD (bring your own device).

eCommerce Success: Is It Luck or Something Else?

I love when you have something wonderful happen! I just don't want it to be because of luck! You work too hard in your business to rely on chance.

4 Things That May Be Slowing Your Company’s Delivery Time

Shipping is one of the most important steps in making and keeping a customer. While some things may be out of the company's control, there are plenty of steps the company can take to ensure their product or service is always delivered on time.

Pay Attention to Yahoo: Yelp Partnership Focuses Local Search Back at Yahoo

Now that Yahoo is partnering with the popular directory Yelp, its importance for local search will dramatically go up. This is big news for any business that serves local customers.

Startups on Track in Development of Drone Technology

When Amazon announced plans to potentially use drones for delivery services in the near future, the public responded with a mixture of disbelief, excitement and paranoia. However, the robotics industry had a reason to rejoice.

Is eCommHub for You?

One great feature of eCommHub is that the service easily integrates with your existing online store. Compatible with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Volusion, 3dcart and more, the software even enables you to integrate multiple storefronts with the same account so that you can easily manage all of your online stores in the same place.

Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp is All About Audience Expansion

It's been all over the news and social media. Facebook acquired global chat application WhatsApp for the sky-high price of $16 billion. Yes, that's right, with a "B." That's sixteen times larger the acquisition cost that Zuck and co. paid to Instagram!

Target Attack Linked to Phishing Emails

Various investigations into the Target credit card fiasco continue, and the public is still lacking solid answers. While some facts about the breach are known, other fundamental details have yet to be determined.

3 Questions Answered About eCommerce Conversion

Do you have a lot of online visitors but few buyers? The problem may be that your website is not optimized for customer conversion. This article highlights three key questions to keep in mind when reviewing your website for possible customer conversion issues. It also suggests possible remedies.

The Time Has Come to Go Mobile or Go Home

The desktop computer is being left behind and in its place is a phalanx of mobile devices: laptops, smartphones and tablets. This shift in computing devices is changing the way we use the Internet.

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