5 Simple Steps to Minimize the Risk of a Cyber-Attack

Every day, it seems another security breach makes headline news. While big companies make the news headlines, the real targets are small businesses just like yours.

Are Mobile Apps Your Business’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

If you were to listen to all the hype online recently, you would believe that you could run your business based solely on mobile applications.

Swiftly Design: Professional Edits to Creative Projects

For businesses that don't require the attention of a full-time designer but want to avoid the hassle of recruiting and hiring a freelancer, Swiftly offers a reasonable alternative. A subsidiary of 99designs, a graphic and web design Crowdsourcing site reviewed previously, Swiftly has a team of designers ready to deliver edits within a matter of hours for a flat fee of $15.

Is Your Website’s Payment System Secure Enough?

Keeping a customer's payment information private should be one of the biggest concerns for all business owners. There's nothing worse than a security breach that involves the loss of credit card numbers and other billing information.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Rely on NEC VoIP Phone Systems

Small businesses need to be able to reduce overhead while embracing new technology that supports mobility and communication if they want to gain and maintain a lead position within the marketplace.

Could You Improve Your Ecommerce Site?

Ecommerce sites have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years with companies like eBay and Amazon dominating the field. That being said, many smaller companies that are just starting out tend to fall to the wayside in the shadow of these giants.

6 Time-Saving Apps to Boost Your Productivity

As a founder of a start up I make every second of each day count. This sounds a bit dramatic but like most passionate people I wake up every day wanting to squeeze the most out of every minute that I'm awake, so I'm always on the look out for anything that makes me more efficient.

Osmosis Streamlines Projects into More Billable Work

Work without pay? Unless you're a masochist or working for charity, nothing could be worse. Yet professionals put in a lot of effort all the time drafting proposals, dealing with projects run amok, and battling to collect payment, with nothing extra to show for their energy spent. Just part of the job? No. There's a better way to do things.

Meet People at Conferences with Topi

As demonstrated by the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, social media can be valuable to businesses as a promotional tool and a networking opportunity.

6 Reasons Old Business Phone Systems Are Costing You a Fortune

The NEC phone systems companies install most are giving those companies a tremendous advantage over companies running older enterprise phone systems. Digital phone systems provide so many advantages that reduce costs and improve efficiency that it makes no sense to continue running a company with an outdated business phone system.

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