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Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Life

By: StatePoint


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Want to simplify your life, boost your productivity and work smarter? Incorporating some of the latest tech developments into your routine may be the answer. According to Authority Hacker, 77% of devices use some sort of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 50% of consumers are becoming more optimistic about using the technology.

Coolest Tech Upgrades You Can Make Right Now

1. Boost Your Productivity: With so many distractions, it can be difficult to stay focused and productive in your personal and professional life. Cue AI to the rescue! The app RescueTime works silently on your computer or mobile device, recording how much time you spend on different programs or websites, and then creating a report providing insights into your productive time and distractions. If you struggle with organizing your email inbox, try SaneBox. It sorts messages for you and over time, evolves to improve your productivity. Apps like IFTT (If This, Than That) allow you to create automated commands to store files and things you need.

2. Upgrade Your Smartphone: Upgrading your smartphone will enhance security features, battery life, performance and the latest 5G network. Samsung just unveiled its latest S24 series and the new lineup is the first to leverage T-Mobile’s uplink carrier aggregation. This means up to 90% faster uplink speeds than the previous Samsung lineup, making things like video uploads nearly twice as fast.  New and existing T-Mobile customers can get a Samsung Galaxy S24+ for free or up to $1,000 off any in the series with an eligible trade-in on the Go5G Plus or Go5G Next rate plans. Learn more at https://www.t-mobile.com/devices/new-samsung-phone-updates.

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3. Smarten Your Home: From automatic door locks to smart plugs, thermostats and appliances, you can give your home a much-needed tech upgrade. Use smart plugs to control lighting in your home from an app, and a smart door lock with features like remote access and fingerprint ID so you can go key-free.

4. Enhance Your Network Experience: The network your phone relies on to access the latest technology may need an upgrade, and now there’s a way to test out another wireless provider’s network before making the switch. T-Mobile’s Network Pass allows you to keep your current wireless provider, phones and phone numbers and try out T-Mobile’s network free for three months. You’ll get access to T-Mobile’s largest, fastest and most awarded 5G network and the ability to compare your network performance to pick the best wireless provider for you. You can do it all online via an app, without having to go into a store.

5. Give Visual Search a Try: Google, Amazon and Pinterest now allow you to use images to search for similar items or products online. You can even use this feature to translate text in different languages.

Ever feel like you’re treading water? With so many apps, devices and features designed to streamline tasks and to-dos, upgrading to the latest tech can help you create a more productive life.

Published: March 6, 2024

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