10 Great Questions to Ask Your Potential Small Biz Employees

Knowing everything you can about a possible new hire is imperative to a company's success. Finding out what kind of employee a person will be in under an hour means you have to ask the right questions. Read on to find ten questions you should consider asking at an interview.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

You know you need to hire someone soon, but are you dreading the long, drawn-out process, the advertising, rounds of interviews, reference checks, and negotiations? You wish you could just skip to the end of it—when they're already working for you and contributing something of value.

5 Tips for Hiring Only the Best Startup Talent

While technology may allow us to scale businesses exponentially (once we have identified the appropriate formula), hiring the right talent is still the most fundamental aspect of building a thriving business. The HR function of being a startup founder is perhaps the role we are least equipped to play. But it is, in my opinion, the most important.

6 Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Workers

Hiring virtual employees isn't all cheap labor and round-the-clock productivity—despite what popular books like "The 4-Hour Work Week" would have you believe. Doing your due diligence will help you plan appropriately so you can avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with taking on remote workers.

What’s Stopping You from Hiring an Intern?

Hiring interns is one of the best ways to grow your company, manage market share, and get involved in the local community all at the same time. The altruism and civic-minded nature are beyond what most human resource people realize.

A Small Business’s Approach to Health Care Reform

Greg Abel is the co-founder and Director of Strategy & Client Services at Tailfin Marketing. For many years, Tailfin has offered health insurance to its employees, with a plan designed to get people on board. Like most small businesses, though, Tailfin is looking at what to do now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is coming into effect just around the corner. As with any big change, there are concerns and questions, but Greg also shared some of the things he’s doing to help navigate these unfamiliar waters.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract and Retain Talent

It's an oft-cited cliché, but the success of a business and a small business in particular depends very much on the talent and efforts of its people. It is both the individual stars and the solid working relationships between those...

Do You Get the Most from Your Workers?

Potential is a free-flowing thing. So is passion. But job profiles limit both. While they certainly are useful, job profiles should not be so rigid as to discourage employees from taking an interest in anything else. If an employee displays great enthusiasm in their role, chances are...

How to Make Your Background Checks More Effective

You probably know that background screenings are imperative when it comes to hiring new employees and, for many businesses, when retaining employees. If you are doing the smart thing you are using a background screening company to make sure that...

10 Ways to Offer Your Sales Team Awesome Incentives

Who doesn’t love to work towards an incentive? It helps keep up motivation, determination, and a little competition can always be healthy. Offering exciting employee incentives is a great way to keep your team doing its best...

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