To Hire or Not to Hire?

Adding employees not only allows for you to expand your business and cast a wider net for your products or services, but also allows for improved efficiency and a more well-rounded business overall.

Interns: “Do I Have to Pay Them?” and Other FAQs

Interns across the country will be joining the workplace this summer to learn new skills and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. When they do, questions about how to structure the program, whether the intern is entitled to pay, and what records are needed to document the relationship often arise. In this Tip, we answer common questions about internships.

An Inside Look at Working at Apple

Jordan Price, a mobile designer at Apple, recently quit his job—a job many would dream of having. Well, perhaps not. In a blog post about why he quit, Price makes Apple seem like a pretty horrible work environment.

Banish the Workplace Bully

Bullying doesn’t always end on the playground. Here are some recommendations on how small businesses can recognize and eliminate workplace bullying.

12 Myths about Overtime Exemptions

Under federal law, non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. While exempt employees need not be paid overtime, they must meet very specific salary and duties criteria outlined in the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). Understanding overtime requirements can be challenging and complying with the FLSA requires employees to be properly classified. In this Tip, we provide 12 of the most common myths concerning overtime and exemptions.

12 Essential Workplace Policies

Having formal written policies in place is important for demonstrating compliance with certain federal, state, and local laws and for communicating workplace rules and procedures to employees. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of creating an employee handbook is figuring out which policies to include. In this Tip, we have identified a list of 12 essential policies.

The Real Cost of Overtime

Whether you pay hourly or by salary, overtime is expensive and often not worth the expense. In most cases your employees should be able to complete their work in the 40 regular hours each week.

7 Insane Employee Perks at Tech Companies

No such thing as a free lunch? Not true when you're an employee of Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite, Google, AirBnB, or Zynga. As you can see in this infographic put together by the team at, tech companies are redefining employee perks and corporate culture.

Interview Questions to Avoid and a Safe Job Offer Letter

There have been plenty of articles and advice columns written about the questions you should ask during an interview. But what about the questions you shouldn't ask?

5 Ways to Weed Out the Wrong Candidates

Are you in the process of hiring more employees for your company? Recruiting and interviewing candidates is a long and tedious process, but if you can perfect the hiring formula, your business can flourish and enjoy unprecedented success.

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