5 Goals Every Small Business Owner Should Set

Goal setting is an important aspect of starting and owning a business—without them you may become lost, and head your business down the wrong...

How Would You Rate Your Company’s Business Intelligence?

Businesses are generating more data than ever before. While some of them are struggling to manage their data properly, others have found ways to turn their data into a valuable asset.

How the Global Economy Will Affect Small Businesses in 2015

In whichever direction the global economy goes, small businesses have a steady chance to make the most revenue gains this year. The main reason behind this is that online marketing, reputation management and clever branding is all one needs to survive competition in the market today.

Have You Set Your Life and Business Goals?

We’ve spent several weeks discussing your vision for success, and whether you could be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk. Now it’s time to...

5 Key Elements of a Winning Business Strategy Today

Does your business have a visible positive strategy, or do your customers and employees still see your primary focus as closing more sales and...

5 Things That Kill Small Businesses

A small business is like a baby; it must be nurtured with utmost care and precision to grow. One wrong decision can adversely affect...

4 Ways to Prepare Your Biz for 2015

The purpose of your business plan is to keep you in line with company goals and objectives. If those have changed, you need to tweak that plan. And your marketing plan likely needs some updating as well, since there are new marketing tools cropping up all the time.

3 Secrets to Reinventing Your Industry (Before Someone Else Does)

Your industry is about to change. Best reinvent it before someone else does it for you. And as you reinvent it, ask your team what business will you be in? Which one should you be in?

Control Your Euphoria

One thing a senior manager can count on is that someday, something will go right, very right. Well, after all the disappointments, pressure and...

The Entrepreneurial Time Machine

Do you believe in time travel? I do. Though I’ve not fully figured it out, I can say definitively that it is possible to distort time. With...

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