Is There a Formula for Motivation?

a photo implying success happens when you step outside your comfort zone

The human motivation for success. The drive to make life happen.  Where does it come from?  Is there a formula for motivation? For success? Or is it something else? Some people seem to be driven to succeed from birth. Others seem to just meander through life with little motivation. Formulas for motivation We can put…

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OKR Implementation: Fostering a Culture of Achievement

a coffee, a pen, and a napkin with the words "If your plan doesn't work, change the plan not the goal"

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) provide a simple yet powerful framework for setting challenging, measurable goals that align effort across an organization. When done correctly, OKR implementation can motivate employees and focus teams on the outputs that truly move the needle for the business. However, even the best ideas fall flat without thoughtful execution tailored…

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4 Great Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated and Accountable

a runner tying their shoe

In today’s fast-paced business world, having the best team behind you is more important than ever. You need to build a team that is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles effectively and motivated and eager to excel in their positions. In other words, you want your team members…

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6 Motivational Ideas for the End of the Year

Here we are again, awaiting another new year and probably doing what we have always been doing — making resolutions. It’s fair to say that the unpredictable times have made us realize a thing or two about some things more important than jobs and money, notably that we are social beings.  Many people have also…

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5 Great Ideas For Better Employee Interaction

One of the things that makes a job enjoyable is getting along with your coworkers. If you go into the office every day and genuinely enjoy the people around you, you are more likely to perform well at the job and stick with it longer. But don’t take our word for it, there’s plenty of…

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6 Leadership Qualities That Lead to Success

When we talk about leadership traits, we refer to personal qualities that are defining the effective leaders. There is this common misconception that the best leaders in the world are simply naturally gifted. This is not actually the case. Just like all the other skills, leadership traits will be acquired with practice and time. Peter…

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How Do You Keep a Remote Team Motivated?

As a team leader, one of your main tasks is to ensure your team members are motivated. There will be a drop in productivity without motivation, and the team will not be happy in their work. However, if you have to deal with remote teams more and more, you may need to change the motivation…

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9 Different Approaches For Motivating A Startup Team

Entrepreneurs inherently understand that they have to be the initial leader of their startup, but often they don’t have the experience or the training to know where their leadership competencies lie, or how to build a leadership team. For new entrepreneurs, leadership development efforts may be more valuable for achieving startup success than business skills…

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“What’s in it for me?” A Motivational Lesson

Ever wonder why one of your employees, shareholders, managers, suppliers, or board members sometimes behaves in a way you might consider irrational? Putting yourself in their shoes If you want to best describe the motivation behind the action, think “What’s in it for me”? Your employees, your shareholders, your customers, and your suppliers are all driven…

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