Igor Zagradanin

Igor Zagradanin is a content marketing expert with a proven track record of helping businesses by adding value to their brands, developing a content marketing strategies, as well as educating and connecting with their audiences on a personal level. In his spare time, he plays guitar, produces electronic music, does yoga, learns how to ski, and (with more or less success) tries to get in touch with his inner child.


house flippers looking at blueprints

Beginner’s Guide to Fix and Flip Investments

With so many TV shows about flipping houses, many fantasize about how great it would be if they could do it. However, there are many things that you have to learn to start this business….

7 Powerful and Effective Insights for a Successful Real Estate Business

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Crypto Exchange: Here’s What You Should Know

By now, everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi), and most would like to get in the game. Nevertheless, those who don’t understand them may find the whole thing confusing, and even scary,…

The Various Types Of Forex Orders Explained

The Forex market is the biggest and most volatile market worldwide, with a daily trading volume that tops $6.5 trillion, according to the 2019 Triennial Central Bank survey. In such volatile and aggressive market conditions,…

an immigration law firm

Top Tools to Successfully Run an Immigration Law Firm

Immigration law is a rapidly evolving practice area involving complex legal requirements and unique regulations. Following the coronavirus pandemic, immigration lawyers see an influx of cases as an increasing number of people come to the…

Payroll for Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

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4 Tips for Managing a Remote DevOps Team

If you’re managing a DevOps team with remote workers, building and maintaining a healthy culture brings quite a few challenges. However, remote teams can also master flexibility and collaboration if they use the right strategies….

counting money

Consider These 4 Things When Selecting an Online Trading Platform

With higher savings rates but lower earning interest rates, more people are turning to the online stock market for higher profits and returns. However, online trading is not without risk. If you’ve set your mind…


Why Employee Engagement Is Crucial to Your Company’s Success

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What Is a Trading Platform and How Do You Choose One?

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