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4 Effective Tools for Breaking into Real Estate

Effective Tools for Breaking into Real Estate

The diploma’s in your hand. You’re smiling for pictures and savoring the moment of triumph. You did it; college is over—but now it’s time to find a job. That’s the tricky, existentially dreadful part. You’re just starting out, with fewer funds than you might like, loans and bills, and no connections or cred to your name. How are you supposed to make a name for yourself as a real estate agent when so many other people are already established and taking the jobs you need?

Rest assured, there is a way—several, in fact. The following four tools will help young, up-and-coming real estate agents start their career on the right foot.

1. Trello

Organization is key when you’re first getting started. Enter Trello, a tool designed to simplify task and project management. This headache-saving technology provides you with streamlined information in the form of boards, lists, and cards that can be broken down in digestible, manageable pieces. Everything you need—whether it be checklists, dates, attachments, and so on—is available at a glance.

One lovely perk of this tool (especially for you poor beginners) is that it’s free! You can upgrade to other classes for greater storage space and security, but the basic tool is available to you at no charge.

2. Mailchimp

Now, how to get your name out there? Well, you could painstakingly design a semiprofessional flier and go door to door or stick papers into car windshield wipers. Or you could save yourself time (and trees) by getting Mailchimp. This tool boasts a number of amazing services, such as beautifully crafted email campaigns, newsletters, ads, and other necessary connections to clients. These can all be created with Mailchimp and be scheduled for release whenever and however you want.

Sound nice? It gets better: again, this tool is free. It can become a minor cost as your business grows, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Interact with your customers without needing to bring on a designer or other marketing aid.

3. Vulcan7

If you’re ever looking for an expired listing or FSBO lead, Vulcan7 is the perfect service for you. It offers multiple kinds of tools, including expireds, neighborhood searches, probate leads, and more. Vulcan7 delivers thoroughly vetted results to you, providing you with numbers and contact information for the right people.

There is a price for this service and its accompanying tools, but many working real estate agents have endorsed Vulcan7’s value, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Receive effective numbers, leads, and lists to further your clientele and expand your options. In this digital day and age, this kind of business is a good investment for beginners.

4. DocuSign

Paper is old-fashioned and messy—not to mention difficult to keep track of. Better to go digital with Docusign. This electronic signature technology makes your world so much simpler. Agreements can be signed and transactions made almost anywhere with this handy tool. Your customers will appreciate the streamlined nature of this tool.

It does also come with a small bill, but it’s worth it in the long run. DocuSign faster and more convenient for you and your customers, and anything that benefits both parties is a win.

Employing these tools will give you a leg up on the competition, helping you score the best leads, contacts, and customers. Of course, there are other beneficial tools out there (like relationship managers and video marketing), but these four are effective for getting you going, working from the ground up. The basic idea behind all of these is making your career simpler.

New innovations come out regularly, so stay on top of the latest developments in the field to give yourself an edge in the market. Avoid the messy paperwork, the lost projects, and the ineffective marketing and leads by making these tools and services a part of your beginnings as a real estate agent.

Published: January 14, 2019

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