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LinkedIn & Facebook: Which to Use for Your Small Business

By: SmallBizClub


In the world of professional networking, the internet has become the “virtual rolodex” for business people.

LinkedIn is a professional network, which has monetized its connections through its tremendous power as a corporate recruitment platform. With more than 330 million members LinkedIn has cemented itself as the dominant force in professional networking.
In a general sense, where LinkedIn is designed to connect professionals, Facebook is designed to just connect people, but can be used in a professional capacity.
In terms of marketing, both platforms have their place. Facebook is clearly a medium which puts marketing second to social sharing, but their user base is vast, and their advertising opportunities are strongly visually engaging. LinkedIn lends itself perfectly to the critical b2b marketing tactic of networking, rather than faceless advertisement. The following infographic illustrates how their differences might be used to benefit your business.
Source: Brighton SBM
AuthorRichard Madison is the marketing executive for the Brighton School of Business & Management—an online distance learning company specializing in UK accredited Management and Business qualifications. As part of his role Richard writes regularly about innovative practices in the Leadership and Management sector.
Published: January 14, 2015

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