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5 Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the hardest part of inbound marketing strategies. You’ve lured website visitors and even better, you got them to click on your calls to action. Kudos to convincing your potential customers to take the next step towards building a relationship with your business. Now comes the suspense—will these interested visitors complete the conversion, or will they abandon your landing page?

Increasing your landing page conversion rate requires some creativity and consistency with your original calls to action. The ideal landing page incorporates an attractive visual to draw in the user, with clearly presented value points that encourage a simple form submission. Remember, the customers already made the decision to commit to what you’re offering. All you have to do is show them that they will be getting the value they expected when they clicked your call to action button.
Here are five useful tips to help you increase your landing page conversion rates:
1. Lines
The design elements within your landing pages can help direct the focus of your visitors’ eyes. For instance, an arrow will cause visitors to follow the path of the arrow, whereas an enclosed structure will prompt visitors to look inside the enclosure.
Use optical techniques to draw extra attention to the action you want your visitors to take—submitting the form.
2. Colors
If you’re looking for an added oomph, check out your color scheme and look for ways to play up the message you’re trying to convey. A red motif, for example, will send out a message of power (good for industrial industries or a CTA to request a quote), whereas blues are more calming and friendly (good for medical industries or a CTA to download an eBook).
3. Let the image do most of the talking
To really increase your landing page conversion rate, don’t overlook the world’s fascination with good-looking things and people. It’s particularly helpful to your landing page conversion rate if you position these people in the images so that they’re looking directly at your form. This is another one of those visual techniques—people are statistically more likely to look at the action you want for them to take (filling out a form) if someone on the page is already looking at it.
4. Submit Buttons
Another way to improve conversions is to modify the appearance of the “Submit” button, which we’ve all seen a million times. Choosing a phrase that is relevant to your offer, such as “Get Started” or “Download Now,” can convey a different and more actionable message than the antiquated “Submit” button. Also, experiment using contrasting colors such as an orange submit button on a blue form.
5. Keep forms short
The amount of fields to fill out on your landing page affects the likelihood of conversion. Simply put, if there are too many fields to fill out, your visitors will most likely feel inconvenienced and abort the action. Remove fields that are not absolutely essential for your next marketing effort. For instance, if you do not intend to call a contact, do not ask them for a phone number. Extra fields are just more reasons for your visitors to not to fill out the form.
If you are using a marketing software such as HubSpot, there is a way to prevent visitors from having to fill out the same information twice. HubSpot’s Smart Fields feature allows you to remove fields that have already been entered and focus your form’s questions on further qualification. Take advantage of this feature, as it makes the process convenient for you and your visitors.
Optimizing your landing pages to increase conversion rates should not be a one-track method. Be sure to constantly test your landing pages and make improvements to enhance conversion rates. Going the extra mile will increase your conversions, giving your team more opportunities to build relationships with your valued customers.
What tools have you tried to increase your conversion rates?
This article was originally published by Adhere Creative
Published: August 23, 2013

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