Being Interesting

Millions of people hours are spent every day confronting the issue, “How do we get our customers to be interested in us?” Marketing spends millions...

How to Be a Great Leader in Just Two Steps

When you start your own business, you have leadership thrust upon you, whether you're ready for it or not, and I've seen plenty of people who have never even led a team, let alone a business, completely transform in taking on that responsibility and rise to the occasion.

Firing the Customer

In customer service, I firmly believe that there is a specific instance in which it is appropriate to fire the customer. This customer affects the morale and motivation of the employees and makes it impossible for them to deliver a great customer service experience.

Engage and Honor Employees for a Happy and Trustworthy Brand

Whether you work for a small business or nonprofit organization, its brand determines its success. Every touchpoint conveys the brand to customers. And, who's in charge of touchpoints? Employees!

Are You the Leader if No One Follows?

Here is a variation of the “tree falls in the forest” question. In past insights, we’ve looked at leadership skills, ways to enhance effectiveness,...

Leadership Skills: 5 Expectations Your Team Has for You as a Leader

Leaders help create powerful, cohesive teams that enable organizations to achieve their targets. Part of being a great leader is understanding what the members...

Where Do Leaders Come From?

If you want to grow your business, you must grow your people. In the small and mid-sized companies that I work with, there is—not always, but more times than not—a sizable gap between the CEO and his or her direct reports. It's not a skill gap. It's a leadership gap.

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