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Are You Prepared to Ramp Up Your Business? Again?

Depending on your situation, this may seem like a thoughtless and far-off question. Oh, how we want to have everyone working and our businesses hopping, right? Normally, when business is quiet, managers hunker down to…


How to Make Meetings More Productive (and Keep Your Team Energized)

We’ve all had them: Unproductive meetings. They’re frustrating to everyone involved. These types of meetings leave people feeling drained, irritated, and overwhelmed.

5 Signs an Employee Deserves a Promotion

As a manager, one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have to do is select a person to promote. What if you choose the wrong person? What if you disrupt the positive atmosphere in the workplace?

The Cost of Employee Lateness to Your Business

How tolerant are you about lateness in your business? Is it normal for a few of your employees to show up 15 minutes to half an hour late for their shift?

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Imagine this: your customer leaves your business and has a poor experience. Instead of telling your staff, she tells her friends on Twitter.

How to Train Your First Manager

Training your first employee is hard enough. Training someone with as important responsibilities as your manager is even harder. Get started on the right foot with these training tips.

How to Instill Great Customer Service Habits in Your Staff

Customer satisfaction starts with your staff. These are the people who interact with your customers on a daily basis and are directly responsible for keeping your loyal customers, well, loyal.

Employee or Freelancer: Which Does Your Business Need?

These days, having someone who works for your company in your office is less important than it once was. Instead of bringing the most convenient person to your team, you can focus on bringing the right person on board.

How to Know It’s Time for Your First Hire

Burning the midnight oil can’t last forever. At some point, if you want your business to grow, you need to bring help on board. That means hiring your first employee.

6 Critical Components of Your Marketing Plan

Planning isn’t something many go-getters embrace. It requires putting on the brakes while details get woven together into a failproof strategy.