Will Adams

As the President at Tarkenton, Will works directly with Tarkenton’s partners to identify and understand their organizational needs. He then assembles a cross-functional team to develop and deliver the solutions to meet the needs of the partner. Since joining Tarkenton in 2010, Will has helped develop new partnerships, plan strategic growth initiatives, and mentor organizational leaders. Connect with him on .


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They Say Your B-Plan is a Road Map. But Should You Follow It?

Have you become a prisoner of your business plan? Business leaders are increasingly at a crossroads: You face a scenario or challenge that your current business plan never anticipated, but you cannot afford to lose…

What is an effective way of motivating employees to understand that they are not cost effective until they generate 5 times their pay?

While it is important for workers to experience transparency in their company and understand where the company is and where they need to be, you also do not want to attempt to motivate employees, especially sales team employees, through fear of losing their job if they don’t make more sales.

I have a storefront selling both retail and private label herbal supplements. I am considering direct sales, where do I start?

Network marketing, or MLM, is now a large and mature industry with numerous offerings. Though consumer products (household items, skin care, etc.) are marketed differently than business products, certain basic marketing techniques or principles apply to essentially all MLMs.

Simply Efficient: 6 Ways to Avoid Organizational Complexity

As your small business grows, it’s not always easy to keep your processes simplified. The more mature an organization becomes, the more things accumulate and get in the way of performance.

Where can I get gift cards with magnetic strips to offer to my customers?

We do not know if you already utilize a merchant services company or what point-of-sale (POS) system you use for your sales process, however many merchant services companies will provide custom gift card products for their small business customers at a nominal cost.

Which types of marketing attract the most clients?

The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. Word of mouth or referrals cost no money, typically result in a new customer for the business and normally generate a very high response rate. It is unfortunate that other forms of advertising do not work the same way.

Is there possibly a good source that is relatively inexpensive, possibly free that leads to customers who would be interested in my product?

Sales associates have different strengths. Some do better cold calling, some do better setting up appointments over the phone and some do fine with either. The key is to determine which method is most effective for you.


Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

Finding and keeping the right people is critical to your business’s success and ability to grow. To do so, you must have the ability to effectively recruit, hire, train, and develop talent, as well as assess, coach, and retain skilled employees.

Personalize Your Branding Strategy

One of the principal shortcomings of businesses is their failure to establish a recognizable brand. The easiest way to remedy this issue is to capture the attention of consumers by distinguishing your business from the competition.

10 Steps to Accountability

Early in my career, my boss gave me what he called “The 10 Commandments” to personal and team success. It was a laminated, front-and-back, wallet-size card with 10 statements on each side. One side was titled “10 Steps to Accountability” and the other side was “10 Steps to Right Person, Right Place, and Right Time.”