Why Are They Sending Me Irrelevant Emails?

Relevance is crucial to e-mail marketing messages in every organization, from small businesses and nonprofit organizations to large corporations. If marketers don't take relevance into consideration, then the inevitable response will be increased "unsubscribes."

The 3 Essential Elements of a Lead Generation LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the de facto site for professionals. How you portray yourself in your LinkedIn profile will have far-reaching implications in your ability to leverage the site for new business opportunities. Visitors to your page must get a clear picture of what you do, what you have done, and what steps to take to engage with you.

How to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

You need to be "liked" to get past first base at that job interview. Being left off the list is a lonely place. On the social web that has been transformed into every "brand" wanting to be liked. These likes are now marketing benefits.

5 DIY Tactics to Boost Your SEO

Like all startup entrepreneurs, you too surely have high hopes to scale your business up the ladder with SEO. The better your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rank, the bigger your business can grow. However, it is not easy when you are a startup entrepreneur. Here are some do-it-yourself steps.

How to Avoid the Unsubscribe Trap

Your email channel is your cheapest channel to communicate with customers. When used correctly, it will be your most efficient communication channel. So how do you avoid the spam trap?

Why Your Business Blog Should Be a Group Effort

A certain amount of care must be invested into making the blog a success, or it will stagnate and eventually die off. Oftentimes the blogging effort becomes halfhearted, especially if the position responsible for blogging has a high turnover rate—for example, social media interns typically only stay on board for a semester at a time—or if the person in charge of blogging burns out.

The 10 Commandments of Twitter

What are some fundamental principles that you should embrace if you want Twitter to work for you? Twitter's sometimes chaotic nature does make managing the torrent of tweets seem like herding cats.

2 Steps to Produce Leads from Your Online Marketing

Let's stop here and discuss the purpose of advertising and marketing your small business, which is: to produce leads. Leads are phone calls and emails from potential customers. Your job is to turn some of these incoming leads into customers.

5 Great Social Media Analytics Tools

After evaluating lots of social media tools that try to visualize your online presence, your posts, people in your network, and messages in your network, here are some tools that caught my eye.

The Perfect Facebook Post

Images on Facebook are the most shared of any media. Creating a perfect Facebook post for images may not be possible, but here are 7 tips to help you move along the spectrum of excellence towards a “God like” Facebook post.

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