The Top 4 Most Effective Calls to Action on Twitter

It's fun to Tweet but if you want to get results then you need to ask for some action from your viewers and readers. Twitter has run some analytics over 20,000 "Promoted Tweets" that were sampled over a 3 month period.

The Top 5 Social Media Sites for Small Business SEO

With recent advancements in Google's search algorithms, it's no longer a question that social media sites have a profound influence on search engine rankings. Now, the real question is how does social media influence rankings?

The 3 Best Ways to Manage Change on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by no means a static social networking site. It changes, seemingly on the hour, presenting users with new challenges in navigation, negotiation and real world application. Social business moves a light-year per second.

Local SEO Tools Worth Noting

Whether the task of optimizing your site for the search engines is directly under your control or has been delegated to subordinates, it's still important to be aware of what new technologies can help your small business flourish in search.

Are You Waiting to be Perfect?

The biggest challenge for any blogger, content creator, and publisher is to "start." Many of us wait to be perfect before publishing. Others are afraid that what they create will be judged as more of the same or they have nothing that will be seen as meaningful or insightful. Some are afraid of making a mistake.

Why Should You Take Email Marketing Seriously?

While some of you are aware of what email marketing is, for many others it is a new way of maintaining connection with your audience. However, the buzz is everywhere. Like social media, email marketing is an indispensable business tool. It allows to build and maintain a relationship with your prospects and customers.

Optimizing Your Facebook Page

Search Engine Optimization is all about finding the best ways to get your website to the top of Google by building valuable content, links, and more. SEO tools are valuable to businesses for getting them where they need to be to obtain...

Why Are They Sending Me Irrelevant Emails?

Relevance is crucial to e-mail marketing messages in every organization, from small businesses and nonprofit organizations to large corporations. If marketers don't take relevance into consideration, then the inevitable response will be increased "unsubscribes."

The 3 Essential Elements of a Lead Generation LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the de facto site for professionals. How you portray yourself in your LinkedIn profile will have far-reaching implications in your ability to leverage the site for new business opportunities. Visitors to your page must get a clear picture of what you do, what you have done, and what steps to take to engage with you.

How to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

You need to be "liked" to get past first base at that job interview. Being left off the list is a lonely place. On the social web that has been transformed into every "brand" wanting to be liked. These likes are now marketing benefits.

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