7 Small Food Businesses Making Waves on Social Media

Here are seven enterprising businesses in the food industry that's at the top of their game, making a lot of ruckus online, and blazing the new normal on the social media front.

Social media is the tortoise. All other digital marketing is the hare.

Social media is a long game, because the only way to play it is to be human. The marathon mentality is a very real thing, and it's what every marketer and entrepreneur needs to win in today's market.

Content Creation Without a Purpose: An Exercise in Futility

The best advice we could give you on content marketing is to create and share content that is relevant and that provides value to those who follow you.

5 Reasons a Social Media Presence is Important for a Small Business

Why should SMBs have a social media presence? As humans, it is engrained in our DNA to make personal and emotional connections. Social media offers companies an opportunity to humanize the brand by providing customers with a forum for personal interaction with the people behind the brand.

How to Keep Your Business Blog from Becoming a Tabloid

What do Steve Guttenberg and Milli Vanilli have in common? If it were 1989, you might actually know what I'm talking about. Pop culture is what's collectively popular among the masses.

Best Practices When Using Yelp for Business

It's well known that Yelp, as well as other social channels, can make or break your business all based on the opinion of your customers. However, also similar to other social mediums, communication between you and your consumer is easier than ever.

The Mobile Site vs. Mobile App Debate: When You Really Need an App

Ten years ago, debates raged over whether or not small businesses needed websites. These days, an online presence is a given, and the heat is on to provide an intuitive mobile experience.

4 Reasons Your Link Building Isn’t Working

One of the most integral parts of any SEO campaign is a link-building strategy. If you have implemented a link building strategy but are yet to see any SEO benefits, these are some of the ways in which you might be going wrong.

SEO Checks to Tune Your Website: Part 2

In the first part of this two-parter we looked at five key elements to check SEO credibility of your website. This time round we add to what you learned last time and round out the list of the Top 10 Tips for ways to tune your website's SEO.

3 Places to Find Content Writers

If you're building a blog, or blogging to support a business, you know that you need content. Lots of content. How do you crank out post after post and still keep your business cranking?

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