3 of My Marketing Pet Peeves I Hope You Don’t Do

Every once in a while, I notice things that companies, organizations, and individuals do online that can erode their brands. These boo-boos are easily corrected, so I thought I'd share three of them with you in the hopes that you'll avoid them.

Developing a Global Strategy

Once you've decided which foreign country you'd like to enter, it's time to develop a strategy for how to successfully penetrate the market and create an immediate impact on sales for your business. Here are a few steps that I suggest taking to ensure you're ready to take your business international.

Why Would I Pick You?

Marketing 101 is that you need to understand how you're different from your competitors. It is perfectly logical: if you cannot differentiate yourself in terms of what you sell, how you sell it, or why you sell it, the only differentiator left is price.

Are You More Focused on Acquisition or Retention Marketing?

Even though it's a fact that it costs less to retain customers than to go after new ones, a new Econsultancy study shows a difference in where organizations are focusing versus where they should be focused.

Where Will Your Business Succeed Abroad?

Once you've mustered up the courage to approach a foreign market, it's time to decide which countries you want to target. Here are a few ways to determine whether your business will be successful entering another country.

Why Expand Your Business Internationally?

In the first part of a series on taking your small business international, I'd like to discuss why it might make sense to expand your business to a foreign country. Here are three reasons that inspire most businesses to develop a global strategy.

3 Steps to Create a Local Communication Strategy

Becoming the friendly neighborhood national company requires business owners to create a niche communication strategy—one that joins the conversations already taking place in the community and provides clear solutions for the community members' everyday challenges, needs and aspirations.

5 Secrets to Increasing Your Email Open Rates & Recipient Engagement

How do you ensure that your emails get read? Here are some email marketing best practices to get noticed and produce results. Incorporate these into your promotional efforts, and your returns will soar.

3 Ways to Help Customers Remember You

Every company wants customers that return time after time for their products and services. The fact that they do means they are very satisfied with what you have to offer, and it is repeat business you can count on over time. There is no way to force customers to return to you, but there are a few things businesses can do to make customers want to return.

Your Brand: What Does It Stand For?

Where does your brand stand right now? It's a question not many businesses and individuals can answer with any degree of accuracy. Without any plan to analyze their brand in place, it's not likely they will have an answer anytime soon.

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