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Isn’t Content Marketing Getting Overcrowded?

By: Elaine Fogel


Content marketing is all the rage as companies and nonprofits scramble to become publishers or maintain their publishing schedules. I have one question? Isn’t it getting overcrowded out there?

Every time a new marketing tactic comes along, it seems like everyone wants in on the bandwagon. It reminds me of high school. Once one popular kid wears something trendy to school, the next day, everyone else shows up wearing the same thing. It doesn’t bode well for individualism though, does it?
Now, I’m NOT saying that content marketing is a bad thing. Quite the contrary. I practice it and advise others to use it, too. BUT, not to the exclusion of everything else!
Let’s put it this way. Jean is going to a party looking great so she’ll find someone special. When she arrives, there’s a crowd of women hanging around the bar vying for the men’s attention. (Adjust this scenario with your sexual preferences.)
She has a choice. She can join them and she’ll be one more woman among the others. OR, she can ask someone to dance with her because the dance floor is empty.
Now, don’t you think she’ll be more noticeable on the dance floor where there’s no competition?
Content marketing has gotten to a tipping point where every marketing communications channel is filled with blog posts, comments, articles, stories, white papers, studies, infographics, etc., etc. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it overwhelming.
My e-mail inbox is bursting with subscribed newsletters, social media messages, and so much STUFF! I can’t possibly read it all and end up deleting a lot of it or unsubscribing. And, I know I’m not alone.
To succeed at marketing, in my opinion, one should develop a multichannel marketing plan that fits with target audiences. And, if that includes a mix of traditional and digital channels for your content, go for it!
It also means creating consistently really good content that is highly relevant and timely for your audiences. Not so easy, but it’s essential if you want to stand out and gain a following.
No matter where or how you market, find the ‘empty dance floors’ in your space and try to get attention from, and engage with, your audiences there. Doesn’t that make sense?
What do you think? Is content marketing getting overcrowded?
This article was originally published by Elaine Fogel
Published: July 10, 2014

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