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5 Content Marketing Tactics That Drive Traffic

If you ever wondered why some businesses seem to perpetually be able to keep online visitors interested, but you can’t figure out their secrets, chances are it has a lot to do with certain types of content. Although keeping a high quality level is important for solidifying your reputation, there are also several tactics that seem to resonate more strongly than others when it comes to capturing attention. Keep reading to learn about five of them. You’ll be well on your way to making the most of your online presence.

It’s very important to use reliable sources to support the facts outlined in your content. However, most people don’t want to mine through paragraphs that are packed with statistics. To solve that problem, use infographics to get your point across. CJ Pony Parts recently did that well by publishing an infographic that detailed the price of gas by state. Thanks to a color-coded map of the country, it was easy for viewers to quickly see just how much their daily commutes actually cost.
Remember that although some of your visitors may have every intention of digesting information, they may not want to do it through reading at all. In those cases, videos can be excellent for presenting information and making it more memorable. 
The 12 Keys addiction recovery program relied upon a video to tackle the complex issue of how drug and alcohol abuse is related to unemployment. The subject is tough for anyone to grasp. However, the method of delivery used made it much more palatable. Ideally, restrict the length of your videos to no more than about three minutes Otherwise, you’ll risk making people lose interest.
How-To Posts
This type of content naturally appeals to a person’s innate desire to be a problem solver. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to think too hard to come up with topic ideas. Just consider the things you do on a daily basis. Determine whether or not you could offer suggestions on how to help other people. Make sure to not only target a problem, but also introduce a solution before you start detailing each step.
Significantly more in-depth than your average blog posts, guides can be worthy tools for building trust and encouraging people to willingly give out their email addresses so you can use them for future marketing efforts. 
For example, if you’re trying to get more visitors to a website that offers information and products to mothers who are trying to save money, compile some information into a guide that centers on a specific topic. Such as how to be a penny pincher during a family road trip. Then, release it during a time of the year when people are likely to take family vacations, like the summer months. Distribute it free of charge to anyone who provides an email address.
Opinion Posts
These are great for showing readers you’re not afraid to take a strong stance on something you believe in. If you infuse enough personality into the post, it could go a long way in proving your website and business are worth someone’s loyalty.
When writing your opinion post, resist the urge to get snarky, and always try to offer some insight about the origins of your beliefs. Most importantly, encourage other people to weigh in, even if those individuals don’t think along the same lines as you do. Once conversations start to flow, word about your website could spread almost automatically, leaving less work for you.
Although this is not a complete list of different types of content that is most likely to increase your visitor numbers, it’s substantial enough to get you started. Especially if you’re trying to focus on a few proven strategies to make a larger impact with your target audience.
Published: May 15, 2014

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