Does Your Customer Understand Your Differentiation?

I'm often amazed by the discussions—or absence of discussions—on differentiation. In order to win, we have to differentiate our solutions, but we have to differentiate them in the areas the customer cares about.

Embrace the Limb

For all the words I write on branding, everything I'm saying boils down to this: if you're not playing, you're losing.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Content

"The first thing to understand about content strategy is that no two people understand it the same way. It's a relatively new—and extremely broad—discipline with no single definitive definition."

Marketing That Sticks: 7 Winning Inbound Marketing Campaign Strategies

What does it take for a marketing campaign strategy to really draw the target audience in and make a long lasting high impact impression? Here are seven winning marketing campaign strategies sure to make your marketing shtick strong enough to stick around.

How Branding is Relevant in a Slow Economy

If you understand your brand and are passionate about it, then you have a better than average chance to weather the storm of a slow economy or recession. If you've been addressing brand issues and have built your company on values that are rock solid, then there is every reason that you will come out smiling at the other end of this down-turn.

How Positive Thinking Can Ruin Your Marketing

Many believe that success depends on always thinking positively, blocking out negative thoughts and replacing them with certainty that you'll get what you really want.

Keep Your Business Heated Up as the Temperatures Drop

It's only October, however, parts of Colorado have already been hit with a major blizzard. Let's face it, winter is just around the corner. Snow, ice, and blistering cold temperatures often cause us to hibernate in warm, comfortable offices instead of making calls on customers and clients.

When Should a Company Re-Brand?

There are many good reasons why a company might want to re-brand. Entrepreneurs by their nature see the benefits in upping their game. Constantly raising the bar within their category keeps the competition on edge.

How to Use the Holidays to Check in with Your Customers

Are you thinking that September sounds a little early to be bringing out the mistletoe, and that you don't want to be part of the crowd advertising winter specials before Halloween even rolls around?

What’s In Your Content? 5 Tips to Success

Small business owners nowadays are moving towards virtual platforms to improve their lead generation. Content is a big part of this because it helps with SEO and engages readers. Still, many small business owners are part of a partner system.

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