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3 Reasons Email Marketing is More Powerful Than You Think

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers wherever they are, and without having to spend a lot of money on ineffective techniques. However, with the rise of new digital marketing strategies, many companies have neglected or even abandoned their email campaigns for more current methods, despite the fact that email has been proven to generate results. If you’re a marketer that has sacrificed your email campaigns for other techniques, it may be time to rethink that decision, and here are three reasons why.

Personalized Messages
One of the major reasons why email marketing is still considered extremely powerful is because it enables you to send personalized messages to your customers. When it comes to marketing on social media, it’s very difficult to send out personalized messages. Most tweets or shares on social media are targeted at huge audiences whereas email marketing delivers a very personalized message. Customers tend to feel more valued when a message is made especially for them.  No matter how much people say about email marketing being dead, this particular trait of email marketing is always going to keep it alive. Corporations are also able to include purchase and sell history of the customer in email marketing, making it a more persuasive message.
Not only do people get to send personalized messages, but they can do it for very cheap. Newspaper advertisements, flyers, billboards, radio, and television advertisements are extremely expensive and not every business owner can afford them. Email marketing is therefore considered to be extremely cheap as compared to other forms of marketing. It costs only a small amount and can generate huge interest amongst fans  and potential customers. 
Frequent Information Exchange
Since email marketing delivers a personalized message, any queries that people have regarding the product or the company are immediately answered. People email the queries to the exact same email address from which they receive the marketing email. The company quickly attends all the queries of the customers immediately thus winning his vote of confidence. Quick and free response builds the confidence of people on the product which ultimately increases sales. Email marketing encourages frequent exchange of information between the people and the company which is a huge advantage that other forms of marketing lack.
This article was originally published by The Mail
Published: August 5, 2014

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