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5 Crucial Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing

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It’s truly the digital age, and this has greatly changed the way we share news, connect with others, and discover new products. The use of social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook is prevalent all over the globe, with other websites such as Buzzfeed and Flickr gaining more popularity. In such a technology-driven world, blogging and online advertising have the power to help your content get noticed in ways that some may not realize. It is here that the importance of successful content marketing comes into play. Do you want your business to develop an effective web presence? Here are five online tools that will help.

Twitter has taken the world by storm, and Followerwonk is here to help you take advantage of this. Not only does Followerwonk allow you to monitor the gain (or loss) of followers to your own account, it also allows you to monitor those of your competitors. You can also sort through your followers to see how many tweets they’re posting; where they are located; how many people they follow; and how many people are following them. This powerful tool also provides easily understandable visualizations of all your account activity. The Pink Group used information from this tool when they developed the Social Media Cheat Sheet, which managed to drive thousands of visitors from Twitter alone.
Quora allows you to select topics that interest you, such as science, travel, education, food, and technology. Once you select your preferred categories, it provides you with a newsfeed. This newsfeed will include questions relating to those categories. For instance, if you selected “education,” you will see questions such as, “What can I do with a liberal arts degree?” If you have an answer, Quora lets you speak your mind. If people like what you have to say, your answer will receive an “upvote.” The more upvotes, the better—it’s an excellent way to get your knowledge out there and making new fans of your business along the way!
Similar to Quora, Feedly allows you to pick categories that interest you. It will then provide you with a customized newsfeed based off your choices. This feed will be made up of articles, pictures, and stories from various blogs and online magazines. According to revision expert Justin Craig it’s a favorite among school children for this very reason.  If you select one specific link, you will be taken to the blog or magazine. Here, you are able to view how many readers that particular site has, as well as how many articles it publishes per week. It’s a valuable tool to see what’s trending online.
Trello focuses more on the members of your own team, and is designed in such a way that you can conveniently assign them to tasks and share content with them. You can create and join organizations, manage projects, and even upload pictures. Group work can be frustrating, but Trello makes it easy to stay on top of everything without having to sort through an email inbox full of “reply all” messages.
Perhaps the handiest way to track content and those who view it, Buzzsumo allows you to see what works out there in the online world. What is it people are sharing the most, and where are they sharing it? How many times was a particular article shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or another social networking site? Buzzumo shows you these things, and also allows you to receive alerts on any activity related to a certain topic (or even a certain competitor) at any given time. The free version of Buzzsumo provides individuals with standard features, while the “Agency” and “Enterprise” versions are better suited to meet the requirements of large companies.
HelenAuthor: Helen Wallis writes and blogs in the areas of business and digital marketing. She is based in Hertfordshire, UK.
Published: October 1, 2014

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