First See It the Way It Is. Only Then…

There are certain natural laws of life. They are not necessarily good or bad. They just are. They are immutable; unchangeable.

4 Ways to Handle Conflict in Your Workplace

No matter how hard you work, you’re going to experience conflict in your workplace. It’s an inevitable part of being in charge. However, in...

What do Bosses Owe Their Employees?

When I was an Army officer, there were three things that you had to make sure you never screwed up for your soldiers: their pay, their food, and their mail. Why? It was, as they say, the very least you could do for them. As an employer, what do you absolutely have to get right for your people?

When First Becomes Last

Lately we've looked at placing other peoples' interests first and how, far from being self-sacrificial, it's actually the key to building successful business and personal relationships.

5 Common Employee Concerns and How to Fix Them

When an employee isn’t happy at work, everyone is affected. Customers notice. Other team members pick up on the negativity. Ultimately, having an unhappy...

How Weak Leadership Impacts Customer Loyalty

Customer experience is foundational to the success of your organization. As a customer experience expert, and as a customer myself, I have seen my fair share of customer experiences ranging from exceptional to downright disturbing.

Quality and Meaning for People

In the open-talent economy, employees have options, and talent is a scarce resource. Business leaders are thinking like talent economists and sustainability...

5 Key Ways to Stay Close to Your Team from Afar

Remote work has exploded as a form of steady employment across the globe. Approximately 43 percent of American employees report spending at least some...

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