Bad Advice on Data Decisions

My problem is that so-called "data from customers" is rarely truth. Data gathering is plagued with problems of research design, random lists, skewed questions, half truth and innuendo disguised as data.

What I Learned About Entrepreneurship from Running

One of the recurring themes to pop into my head while running in the last month was the similarity between how I was progressing as a runner and how I could potentially apply the same mindset to running my company.

5 Characteristics of Great Mentors

There are many qualities needed to be a good mentor. However, there are a few that stand out that I would like to share with you. Here are the top 5 characteristics I've seen in great mentors:

4 Reasons a Leader Embraces Change

A leader has an entirely different vision to that of a manager. Managers fear change because it upsets their carefully structured way of life—while leaders embrace change because they know that change leads to new ways of growth and accomplishment.

The Bottom Line Effect of Caring for Your Customers

Top sales people don't just get to where they are because they make a lot of calls, or because they know the best closing techniques. In most cases, their clients have come to see them less as commission earners and more as trusted partners.

If It Ain’t Authentic, It Ain’t Sustainable

In a recent issue of Dixie "Dynamite" Gillaspie's terrific Daily Dose of Dynamite she brilliantly wrote: "Any success that does not allow you to be fully yourself is not sustainable."

Don’t Create a Disconnect for Your Customers

Remember: whether it is your Facebook presence, your website, your radio spots or how your phone is answered, every one of those choices either connects me closer to your brand or makes me notice the disconnect.

5 Ways to Ignite Passion in Your Team

True leaders have the innate ability to motivate staff to achieve better results. Leading with a passion is what separates great leaders from the "wannabees."

Prioritize to be Most Effective

While I agree with Ben Franklin's idea, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail," countless companies have wasted time and money on strategic plans that are collecting dust. People spend lots of time planning but very little time turning those plans into daily actionable tasks. Some suggest that putting your goal in the mirror so you see it every day will make it come true.

Successful CEOs: Learn from Their Mistakes

The best CEOs will tell you that they have learned more from their failures than they have from their successes. Here, we'll highlight the most regrettable mistakes made by some of the world's top CEOs, and what learnings can be gleaned from those mistakes.

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