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Best of Both Worlds: Integrated and Hosted Voice Business Phone Systems

By: Scott Resnick


Even with email holding the top spot as the most frequent mode of business communication, nothing can replace the value, direct contact and efficiency of speaking on the phone with a client, colleague or other business contact. When professionals talk with each other directly, they encounter fewer misunderstandings and they often experience increased levels of trust.  

That is why it’s important to have a sophisticated, up-to-date business phone system that can meet employees’ needs and give them access to the high-level contact they need in order to conduct business. Unfortunately certain business phone systems may actually work against employees, with many phones creating increased levels of confusion and inefficiency.
When savvy business owners select their phone systems, they often take advantage of both integrated and hosted voice services. These types of services give professionals access to a variety of useful options while still offering high levels of flexibility. Keep reading to find out why a hosted voice and integrated voice system may be the right option for your company.
Increased Functionality and Quality
Integrated phone services, such as those found with NEC phone systems in Houston, give companies better functionality and more sophisticated options than basic phone lines are able to offer. This type of digital phone system helps companies combine several functions—such as local phone service, long distance voice service and internet access—all through one connection. The system allows both voice and internet data to come through a single connection, prioritizing certain signals and delivering a clear, high-quality sound quality for phone conversations.
In addition to providing high quality, integrated phone systems also supply more options for handling multiple calls, connecting office lines with mobile lines and easily transferring calls. Technology like NEC phone systems also offers high-level conferencing options, abilities to connect with webinars, reminders for appointments and other options for better work solutions.
Flexibility to Connect Multiple Locations
If you’re a multi-location firm looking for business phone systems to suit your company’s needs, selecting an integrated and hosted phone system is likely a strong choice for your company. That’s because integrated phone systems make it easier for you to link these services between your primary location, a secondary office, your shipping center, home offices and any other locations you may want to include.
What does this mean for day-to-day operations? When an employee at the primary office wants to call a colleague at another office location, he won’t have to dial outside the company phone system. Not only is this kind of enterprise phone system helpful for placing calls between coworkers, but it also means that professionals can easily transfer customers and clients between calls on phone lines at different locations, creating a more seamless and efficient experience for customers and clients alike. 
This article was originally published by TTI Houston
Published: November 1, 2013

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