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6 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business with Online Marketing

By: Stephen Fox


Proven Strategies to Grow with Online Marketing

The internet has brought radical changes to our society in every field you can imagine. From allowing instant worldwide communication to creating new opportunities for entertainment, almost half of the world’s population uses the internet on a regular basis. However, despite its huge marketing potential, few entrepreneurs really understand how to take advantage of this incredible network.

Online Marketing is Dollar-for-Dollar Your Best Marketing Tool

Is online marketing essential for a business?

In one word: Yes!

While it is still possible to build a business using only traditional marketing methods, it will be very difficult to produce the same results as using an online marketing campaign.

With billions of people surfing online on a daily basis, there’s no better way to get your business directly in front of your target audience.

Not every strategy is perfect for every business type. Make sure to assess your target audience, determine where they hang out online, and perform in-depth keyword research before deciding which strategy to implement.

If you’re just getting started, here are some of the online marketing strategies available for your business.

1. Content marketing

The genius of content marketing is that it allows you to expose your brand, products, and services to more people without having the “in your face” effect of traditional advertising campaigns. Which means that instead of saturating your audience with ads, you can use a blog, eBooks, videos or even infographics to offer helpful solutions to your target demographic and attract more visitors to your site.

Most people go online looking for answers to their questions. Putting content that would help them troubleshoot a specific issue will help you build your brand and attract a steady stream of visitors to your site.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

An essential tool for any online business, SEO allows you to make your site more visible in a search engine results pages. SEO involves optimizing your page to make sure that it’s drawing traffic from the people most likely to be interested in your products and services.

The best results are obtained when SEO is integrated into the website’s content development strategy, as this ensures that the content only attracts organic traffic, guarantees a higher ranking in the results page, and ensures that your site is properly indexed by the search engine.

3. Conversion optimization

Most strategies are concerned with getting as many visitors to your site as possible. Conversion optimization helps to turn those visitors into buyers. Ensuring that you get the most value out of each visitor. This can be done either through improving the conversion opportunities you already have or by seeking newer ones elsewhere.

4. Personal branding

The internet allows entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to brand themselves as well as their companies. Companies benefit from promoting a successful image of their leaders online, as this reflects positively on the company brand itself. Moreover, it also gives business leaders a chance to network with each other, form valuable partnerships, and give a human face to their companies. All of which can be achieved for free, if you put enough time and effort into it.

5. Email marketing

Probably the cheapest one on this list, email marketing is an effective way to engage with your customers and keep them coming back for more. Once you’ve built your subscriber base from your customers and social media followers, you can use a newsletter to keep them engaged with your brand, inform them of your newest bargains, and encourage them to re-visit your site.

6. Social Media Marketing

With billions of people using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis, marketing on social media offers unique opportunities to expose your brand to a wide audience. This type of marketing requires a content-heavy approach to marketing but, if done right, also guarantees to increase your brand’s visibility and attract more inbound traffic to your website.

While each strategy requires consistent effort, the return on investment will be well worth the energy. If you’re just getting started with internet marketing, focus on one strategy until you have success. You’re better off mastering one avenue than spreading your time and funds thin.

If you have any questions about which online marketing strategy is best for your business, leave a comment below!

Published: November 3, 2017

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