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5 Powerful Ways YouTube Advertising Will Improve ROI

Powerful Ways YouTube Advertising Will Increase ROI

Advertising is an important part of every business. Every marketing goal is to get the maximum response with minimum cost. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and the biggest video sharing website in the world. It has over 1 billion active users, 50 million of which upload videos every day. People ages 18–34 watch YouTube more than television. Here are six ways YouTube advertising can significantly increase your return on investment.

1. A Huge Market to Target

YouTube is a huge market where you can find almost everyone. Whomever your target, you are sure to find them using YouTube. YouTube’s popularity has only increased with time so you don’t have to worry about not reaching your market when using YouTube ads.

2. Videos are More Convincing than Banners

Video ads are most common on YouTube. While you can use banner ads on YouTube, video ads are more popular because they are more convincing so you can pitch your sale more efficiently in a video. This has made YouTube more popular for video ads than any other platform.

3. You Pay for What You Get

Young people use YouTube more than television, but that’s not the only benefit you get from it. You can’t really be sure how many and what kind of people see your television ad. Even though you pay a considerable sum, there is still this uncertainty. On the other hand, YouTube charges ‘Pay per View’. You are provided with the analytics of how many people saw your ad and how they responded to it. So you are always certain where your investment went.

4. They are Easy to Track

YouTube allows you to track every single one of your ads. You are provided with in-depth analytics of your advertising campaign which gives you knowledge of who viewed your ad, who clicked it, who skipped, or if there was any other response. This allows you to learn from the results of the current strategy and utilize it to make a more effective strategy in the future.

5. Three Different Types of Ads

YouTube isn’t limited to just video or just banner ads. You can utilize both types for a YouTube ad campaign. There are three categories of advertisements on the website.

  1. Pre-roll Ads’ appear between or at the start of a video that the viewer can’t skip.
  2. TrueView Ads’ allow the viewer to skip if he/she doesn’t find it interesting.
  3. Discovery Ads’ are display ads that appear on the home page or sidebar of a relevant video.

6. You Can Filter Your Target Audience

It is very important that you pitch to the right person. For example, women probably won’t have any interest in beard oil but men of a particular age group could be interested in purchasing beard oil. So you have to first identify your target and then reach only the relevant audience. YouTube allows you to filter your target audience by their demographics like age, gender, interest, and parental status. It’s an important point that you must know before starting any campaign; you can read this blog to find out more about YouTube ads for action.

Published: July 16, 2019

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