The Importance of Instant Gratification in Customer Service

We live in a world where we expect almost instant gratification in most things. Whether it’s social media feedback, sandwich delivery, or an Amazon Prime...

Treat Your Customers with Respect

“Customers may forget what you said, but they'll never forget how you made them feel.” ~Unknown So many businesses just do not seem to respect their...

A Basic Assumption of Customer Satisfaction: Reconsidered

One of the basic assumptions that have been considered sacrosanct is high levels of customer satisfaction lead to increased market share. Some recent research suggests that there this assumption may not be universally true.

Feedback is Your Brand’s Life Force

82% of customers research online before making a purchase. If you're not actively seeking out and acting on customer feedback, you could be damaging your sales.

6 Golden Rules for Handling Customer Complaints

Most employees hate complaints. They don't like having to deal with customers who call or visit their store or office with a complaint. What they don't understand is that a complaint is actually a positive thing. You can't always meet every customer's expectations.

Managing Customer Expectations

When a customer has a bad experience with your business, it has major consequences. One of the most common reasons customers are dissatisfied with a business is that they don’t know what to expect. If a customer doesn’t know exactly what you’re offering, it becomes hard to come away happy.

5 Helpful Ways to Make Customers Feel Welcome

Customers to just about any business nowadays have plenty of options available to them, and they know that they can easily take their dollars...

Core Values Are the Key to Customer Service

Core values affect the customer service experience—for external customers as well as internal customers (employees). They can attract customers to do business with you, and be a motivating factor for employees to enjoy their work and do it well.

7 Tips to Continuously Improve Your Customer Experience

Every company claims to provide good customer service. If you do the same, you are just one of many vying for your customers’ business....

How Much Do You Focus on Your Customers’ Needs and Wants?

Do you know your customers’ needs and wants? No, I mean really know their needs and wants? It appears that 38% of marketers find this their number-one...

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