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6 Proven Ways To Get Positive Customer Reviews

By: Jenna Cyprus


Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept. User give rating to service experience on online application. Customer can evaluate quality of service leading to reputation ranking of business.

A BrightLocal survey found recently that positive customer reviews make 73% of customers more likely to trust a company more. So, getting more positive online reviews for your company and brand is vital. How do you do that?

Here are the most effective ways to obtain great online reviews for your business:

Ask The Buyer At The Right Time

Ensure that you ask for customer reviews at the right time during their experience with your business to get the best results. Remember that business relationships have up and down moments. The customer could experience sticker shock or buyer’s remorse before they eventually decide to give you their business.

Think about it: If you ask for a good review at the wrong time, your customer could leave a bad review. Hundreds of people could read it when they consider whether to buy from your firm.

So, make sure you are asking for reviews at the best moments during the buying experience:

  • After they have success with your product.
  • When they reorder your product.
  • After they tag your company in a social media post.
  • If they spend a lot of time on your site looking at other products or services.
  • If they refer someone to you for business.

Select The Best Method That Works For Your Company

BigCommerce reports that 50+ reviews for one product can increase conversion rates by 4.5%. This means the more good reviews you have, the more people trust your brand. On the other hand, a limited number of dated reviews do not inspire confidence in your brand.

Here are some ways to get a larger number of reviews:

  • Train your sales team to survey your customers after every successful service or project.
  • Have requests for reviews as part of all email marketing campaigns.
  • Have review links to identify your most pleased customers and make sure your service team develops relationships.

Ask The Customer Face-To-Face

If you work as an account executive, never hesitate to ask customers to review their experiences in person.

If you take a customer to lunch, keep things light and conversational, but ask them how they like your service or product.

Take Advantage of When The Customer Is Pleased

If you make a significant breakthrough for a customer or get positive feedback from them, you are at a critical moment of customer happiness. At this moment, they may be more interested in giving you a useful review as a way to pay you back for a job well done.

Start With An Open-Ended Question

Never come straight out and ask for a customer review. Instead, begin a conversation with an open-ended question to start the process. You might ask your customer how they like the product or if they are ready to buy again. Using this type of language, you can begin a dialogue and see how happy they are before asking for a review.

Eliminate Friction Where Possible

If leaving a customer review is difficult, the customer may bail out. Make it easy to leave a review, especially when you want an email testimonial. Here’s how:

  • Give multiple options so the customer can select the platform they like the best.
  • Have a direct link to the page where they may leave a customer review to lower the number of clicks they need to perform.
  • Give a prompt, so they know what to write, such as ‘please leve a review about your recent purchase.’

Following these simple guidelines should gradually increase the number of positive reviews for your brand.

Published: December 16, 2020

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