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Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources and business news. Megan has several years of experience on the topics of small business marketing, copywriting, SEO, online conversions and social media. Megan spends much of her time establishing new relationships for, publishing weekly newsletters educating small business on the importance of web presence, and contributing to a number of publications on the web. Megan can be reached at


8 Ways to Grow Positive Word-of-Mouth About Your Business

Small businesses around the world say that “word of mouth” is the most effective marketing tool out there. A study by Infusionsoft tells us that 62 percent cited it as their best marketing tactic—almost two times as effective as email, which was ranked as number two at 34 percent.

Find Greater Success: 7 Small Business Resolutions for 2015

Small businesses everywhere are working hard to find increased success and diligently striving to create a great plan for 2015. To go along with your powerful business plans for the New Year, it’s important to set some goals.

What Does the CEO of the Future Look Like?

What do you think of when you picture the CEO of any company in your mind? I’ll bet it’s a stuffy-looking older man in a business suit, holding a leather briefcase and jabbering on a cell phone. A quick Google image search of the term ‘CEO’ proves my hypothesis.

Small Businesses That Operate Only on Social Media

You may be wondering, what kind of business can stay alive using only social media to advertise, market, and sell? The answer is, all different kinds. This business model is becoming more and more popular.

How to Drastically Increase Your Company’s Productivity in Just Three Months

Overwhelmed with to-dos, meetings, and reminders? Get on the fast track to better productivity in 90 days. This three-month plan will help you gradually increase your efficiency by helping you identify where you’re spending too much time and offering suggestions that will streamline your operations.

Why It’s Important to Make People Love Your Brand

People buy from brands that they know and love, it’s as simple as that. When it comes to starting and running a small business, this can be an obstacle to overcome. People are seemingly more likely to buy from a brand that they are familiar with and that has already gained their trust.

Why Your Business Name Matters

You might be thinking, well, of course the name of my business matters. But are there any of us who have not heard a business name and wondered, what in the world were those people thinking?

Small Business Tips for 2014

Can you believe that it is 2014 already? I can’t. Seems like just yesterday that everyone was worried about Y2K. Now here we are, 14 years later! 2013 was a blur and I’m sure this year is bound to pass just as quickly.

Easy Tips for Customer Service on Social Networks

All businesses are seeing a shift in customer service to the Internet rather than the phone or in-person. Small businesses in particular may see this shift as a positive.

Small Business Financing: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, sometimes also referred to as “how to get strangers to pay for your stuff,” is a relatively new concept. If you’re not familiar with it, popular crowd funding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo can help people to fund projects that they wouldn’t be able to get a traditional loan for.