What Does the Path to Success Look Like?

I just want some joy in my life. That statement made me sit up and think. It was a cry for help. And it made...

Live the Entrepreneurial Addiction

Entrepreneurs are a gang of smart folks, who know how to govern their lives and climb up the business ladder with valued progress every time. They are a pack of creative people who are blessed with far sighted vision, strong business pursuits, and a deep sense of responsibility.

3 Ways to Maintain a Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dealing with a business when things are going good is the easy part. But how will you react when the going gets tough? Are you going to give up and succumb to the challenges, or are you going to push through the tough times and figure out solutions?

7 Excuses We Use That Crush Our Dreams

The emergence of so much change has many of us scratching our heads and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Just yesterday we were all chatting about...

The Key to Running a Business as a New Parent

Whenever a person transitions to running their own business, they have to adjust their concept of work/life balance. In return for equity and the...

2 Strategies to Start Your Small Business While Working Another Job

There are thousands of wannabe-entrepreneurs sitting at desks right now who want to dump their jobs. What they need is a strategy so they...

How to Create a Full-Color, Full-Contact Body of Work, Courtesy of Beyonce

Much to the Internet's amazement last week, without any prior buzz or warning, Beyoncé dropped a brand new album straight to iTunes, complete with 10 brand new videos.

This One Trait is the Secret to Success

I walked into the shop and there they were. Lining up. Handing over the coupon. Their expectant faces were hopeful. Maybe this was the moment. Dream...

VIDEO: Why There’s No Map for Starting a Business

Some people insist that good planning is the key to reaching any worthwhile goal (like starting a business). Here's why they may be wrong.

Where Do Powerful Ideas Hide?

Inspiration. It seems abundant one day and scarce the next, its unreliable tendencies taunt you constantly and it's starting to show in your business.

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