From Startup to Successful Student Entrepreneurs

You are never too young to make your first million, or at least that seems to be the suggestion from a quick survey of young entrepreneur millionaires who are running companies while still in school.

The Growth Dilemma

Adapted from the upcoming book The Growth Dilemma: Determining Your Entrepreneurial Type to Find Your Financing Comfort Zone. If you ask me to describe...

Beware the Dunning-Kruger Effect!

All of us suffer from the condition that we don’t know what we don’t know. However, for many, there lurks a problem that is...

From Small Business Beginnings to Big Brand Success

When you think about multi-million dollar companies like Dell, Apple and Google, you probably don’t also consider the commonalities they have to your small...

Does Business Education Stifle Creativity?

Does business education stifle innovation and creativity? You probably already know Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, from 2006, Do Schools Kill Creativity? It’s one of the...

2 Harsh Lessons I’ve Learned from Starting an Online Business (and Failing)

Starting a business and branching out on your own is difficult. Let's not beat around the bush here. It's a staggeringly different reality compared...

The Art of (dis)Balance: Achieving Personal and Professional Fulfillment

While pursuing personal and professional success, entrepreneurs are often faced with conflicting demands. Most of us find fulfillment in more than just our work, but sometimes it takes conquering two major life events at once to understand what "having it all" really requires.

10 Steps Michael Schoeff Took Before Launching His New Business

Creating a business from zero is one of the biggest challenges someone can have. The first step into this world is to get yourself...

Entrepreneurs Need Experience More Than an MBA

I don't have an MBA. I used to fear that this would put me at a disadvantage in starting my own company, but now I'm convinced that it may be the other way around.

Jump In: This Could Be the Year for Women Business Owners

There are more female entrepreneurs today than ever before. Now is the time for women to step up and show what they can do. Why are women exploding onto the business ownership scene?

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