What Does the Path to Success Look Like?

I just want some joy in my life. That statement made me sit up and think. It was a cry for help. And it made...

Make a Big Impact Habit for Long Term Success

A small effort on a consistent basis will make a bigger impact on your life or your business than a big habit made intermittently. A big impact habit is a habit that is so small that you can do it forever.

All In: When is the Right Time for Entrepreneurs to Take the Jump?

When you're looking to transition your company from being a garage-based weekend project to a full-time venture, it can be difficult to know what transition points to look for.

The Success Habit That Many Smart People Ignore

He was bullied so much at school that he was once thrown down a flight of stairs, then beaten until he was unconscious and hospitalized. But...

5 Quick Reasons Why Your Startup Failed

Being a first time entrepreneur is fun and exciting, but nothing prepares you for the day you finally realize that things aren't working out.

The Art of (dis)Balance: Achieving Personal and Professional Fulfillment

While pursuing personal and professional success, entrepreneurs are often faced with conflicting demands. Most of us find fulfillment in more than just our work, but sometimes it takes conquering two major life events at once to understand what "having it all" really requires.

Comfort Zones Aren’t All That Comfortable

The origin of the phrase ‘comfort zone’ is a tricky one, mostly because we all have a personal definition and understanding of the term. But...

The Best and Worst Traits of an Entrepreneur: Which Do You Have?

You may be an ambitious and energetic person planning to start on your own. But ambition and energy alone aren't sufficient to take you to the next level. I have met, observed, and studied several entrepreneurs. I have found that they possess some specific traits that played a key role in the eventual success or failure of their businesses.

Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: “why are you an entrepreneur?” Early on you knew that the entrepreneur lifestyle...

8 Traits of Resilient Female Leaders

Resiliency is an incredibly useful trait to have, especially in today's culture and society. Resilient women don't get angry or give in to despair when challenged by a setback.

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