5 Tips on Moving a Small Business to a New Location

Managing the day-to-day operations of a small business is a major challenge and overwhelming at times. But when moving a business from one location to another for any reason, there are even more little details involved in such a big change. To help your relocation process go as smoothly as possible, consider the following tips on moving a small business:

How Large Wall Images Create Happier Employees

Employee happiness is one of the most important factors to develop in a small business, because happy employees stay at their jobs. The small...

What the Small Business Office of the Future Will Be Like

Small business owners will need to evolve their thinking around company policies, employee flexibility and getting to grips with the dynamic innovations in technology in order to thrive when managing the office of the future.

Businesses Are Moving Away from Physical Offices

There is a growing trend in business of firms moving away from having a physical presence. Just about every start-up I see does so without an office. And many of these entrepreneurs are determined to continue to operate without one.

How to Prepare Your Small Business to Weather a Storm

Does your small business have an emergency storm-preparedness plan? You may think you don’t have the time or resources to create one. But businesses of all sizes can—and really should—create a simple list of important “to-dos” in case a natural disaster or other emergency interrupts your normal course of operation.

4 Top Reasons to Consider Relocating Your Small Business

Relocating your business can be a cause of great apprehension and anxiety, yet despite this more and more companies choose to move internationally each...

How to Tame the Piles of Paperwork

One minute the office is tidy, organized, and everything has its place. The next, the paper starts piling up, folders are bursting with documents that you probably don't even need, and the thought of sorting through it is a daunting nightmare.

Your Office Relocation Needs a Financial Checklist

Moving your business doesn’t need to be a long and costly process, during which your company business is standing still. If planned well, relocation...

Rising Office Trends 2014 [Infographic]

LinkedIn surveyed over 7,000 professionals in 10 countries across the world and asked them which tools and trends would disappear from offices by 2017.

Why Your Employees Hate Your Open Office Layout, Part II

Last week we looked at some of the problems open office environments pose to productivity. Here are more thoughts on open offices and what...

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