4 Ways to Map Your Office Design to Your Company Culture

If you have office space, you can look for ways to optimize it to support the type of culture you want to have—even if you're a small-business owner. Here are some things you can try to use your office space to support and maintain your culture.

5 Essential Services to Hire for Your New Office Building

Whether it is for a new startup or because the business has outgrown the previous location, moving into a new office building is a...

10 Must-Know Tips for Relocating Your Small Business

Starting your own business is part of the American Dream, but when your dream requires a move to a new location, things can get...

Office Culture Gives a Kick to Your Business Performance

It’s not all about cash flow and sales in a small business. Office culture makes a big difference, too! How people feel in a...

5 Things to Consider When Finding a Location for Your Business

When you are starting a business, one of the most exciting steps is finding the location. It makes things seem really real. It can be a very vindicating, motivating event.

Moving Your Business to a New Town

This week two people asked me how to move a business to a new location. When you are successful in one location you will be a success in your new town too.

4 Important Things to Consider When Relocating Your Company

In today’s global business and corporate environment, more than ever, business owners and individuals may find themselves moving themselves, and their businesses from country...

Prime Retail Space Worldwide [Infographic]

Retail rental rates over the last 5 years have grown substantially, as depicted in this infographic, which explores prices of retail rental space in major cities throughout the world. City center areas and areas with high population density usually equal high footfall, therefore creating higher retail rental prices.

How to Successfully Relocate Your Young Startup to a New City

Moving is always a hassle, no matter if it's to a new state, city, or even just down the street. Moving can be even more stressful if you're not only relocating your life, but also your company. Sometimes, however, moving is necessary to grow you business, especially if you started your company in your home or college town.

4 Breakroom Perks Your Employees Will Truly Appreciate

When most people think of a breakroom, they think of a dingy place with fluorescent lighting and perhaps a communal table and refrigerator. It...

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