4 Ways to Map Your Office Design to Your Company Culture

If you have office space, you can look for ways to optimize it to support the type of culture you want to have—even if you're a small-business owner. Here are some things you can try to use your office space to support and maintain your culture.

How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Small Business

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: location, location, location. It’s a huge determining factor in just how successful a small business...

What Service Options Are Available for Outsourced Payroll?

Payroll activities can be incredibly complicated for small business owners, and many people look for outside payroll companies to handle them. To determine whether a particular service is the right fit for you, there are a few important questions you should ask.

Learn How to Get Organized

Say: I am an organizational genius!! The power of positive thought does work but if you said that your conscious mind would say: No you...

The Most Famous Garage Startups in History

"Everyone has to start somewhere." It's a saying that resonates with many people around the world. In fact, some of the most well-known companies in the world today started life small—in the confines of a garage, to be exact.

Benefits of Automating Time and Attendance

If you are using a manual time and attendance system, consider replacing it with an automated system and using an experienced and reputable outside payroll service. An automated time and attendance system eliminates the time clock and instead uses a bar code scanner, pin number pad, or an even more technologically advanced system such as a biometric scanner.

Plan for Everything When Opening a New Location

A long-time friend recently took the plunge: Small Business Ownership! This decision to become an entrepreneur was not arrived at lightly. Finances were considered and...

How Large Wall Images Create Happier Employees

Employee happiness is one of the most important factors to develop in a small business, because happy employees stay at their jobs. The small...

10 Must-Know Tips for Relocating Your Small Business

Starting your own business is part of the American Dream, but when your dream requires a move to a new location, things can get...

What the Small Business Office of the Future Will Be Like

Small business owners will need to evolve their thinking around company policies, employee flexibility and getting to grips with the dynamic innovations in technology in order to thrive when managing the office of the future.

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