Make Your Home Office a Launch Pad to Success

The boom in freelancers, virtual assistants, micro-and-mom-preneurs, fully online businesses and other new strategies for working and being a small business owner has cause an equally large boom in home offices.

Famous Desks of the Rich & Genius

Take a moment and think about the style of your desk—is it colorful and cluttered? Is it clean and minimal? Your desk style may...

Moving Your Business: 5 Things to Examine

Planning ahead is the most important tip to give anyone who wants to move a business. Look through a large collection of tips to assist you and your coworkers in the move.

Businesses Are Moving Away from Physical Offices

There is a growing trend in business of firms moving away from having a physical presence. Just about every start-up I see does so without an office. And many of these entrepreneurs are determined to continue to operate without one.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Home-Based Business

Entrepreneurs who work from a home office are caught in a funny place between personal and professional responsibility. On one hand, you are at...

Whether to Move Your Small Business from Your Home Office

Many small businesses start out as a simple office in a spare room. As your company grows, you might end up needing more space, more help, or both. Entrepreneurs are often hesitant to leave the comfort of their comfortable homes for an office, but it's usually a necessary move that will impact the business's success.

6 Immediate Decisions Every Startup Will Need to Make

You don't need an MBA to launch a company, but you do need some business know-how. No matter where you are in the process—whether you're brainstorming ideas or getting ready to sign the commercial lease—don't forget about six key decisions that will need to be made

10 Must-Know Tips for Relocating Your Small Business

Starting your own business is part of the American Dream, but when your dream requires a move to a new location, things can get...

The Top 12 Cities for Female Entrepreneurs

This storymap identifies the top 12 cities around the world where female entrepreneurs are most likely to set up a small business and where...

How to Solve the Top Pitfalls of Working from Home

The number of Americans working from home has jumped 41 percent since 1999. And as technology continues to evolve (mobile, social, collaboration), we can expect more growth in work-at-home jobs and telecommuting.

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