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Moving Your Business: 5 Things to Examine

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Planning ahead is the most important tip to give anyone who wants to move a business. Look through a large collection of tips to assist you and your coworkers in the move. Knowing your limits is another tip, so working with a professional is important. There are at least 5 factors that you should consider when you move a business.

1. Know the New Building From the Inside Out

There is nothing worse than moving into a building that you know nothing about. Know how all of the different systems work from the alarm to the doors. Do not get frustrated by not knowing how to work something as simple as a door. You and your employees should know the building in case of an emergency. Safety is important, so be able to create an emergency evacuation plan and hold fire drills.

2. Review the Office Designs

It takes a while to review good office designs, but the time is worth it. Make sure that everything from your old office fits into the new one. Review the floor plans and room layouts for the whole office so that everyone feels comfortable. Know where the doors and windows are placed and how much space you have. Take careful measurements of each area before you move.

3. Make an Inventory

Make a detailed inventory of every item that you plan to pack and move. This way, you know if something has been stolen during the move, even if you do not know who stole it. Only have reliable people handle the company’s most valuable items. If you do not list it, you cannot claim it on an insurance form.

4. Choose a Good Moving Company

If you want a long-distance, stress-free move, find a good commercial moving company. Move your tables, chairs, filing cabinets and decorations without breaking your own back. Read through the various customer reviews that are attached to each moving professional.

5. Assign Specific Tasks for the Employees

Make the move work quickly and efficiently when you involve the coworkers and employees. Get the work done in half the time when you assign different tasks to different people. The more tasks you assign, the faster the process goes. Hire a leader who oversees all of the workers and monitor the moving tasks.

Moving your company is a challenge, but you complicate things without a proper plan. It takes a whole team to move a whole office, so get everyone involved in the effort. Planning is necessary to help you pack and move with ease.

Author: Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Credit to Halifax Transfer for information about commercial moving solutions.

Published: February 16, 2023

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