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How To Start Your Restaurant On A Low Budget

By: Ilan Kaps


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Many potential restaurant owners have been left hanging because of COVID-19. Existing restaurants have struggled to keep their heads above the water. Starting a restaurant has simply been impossible.

However, as we move towards an end to the crisis, you may be considering finally putting your plans into action. Unfortunately, chances are that you have a lower budget to work with. Capital you reserved for launching your business may well have been drained by basic expenses.

Even if you choose to go with restaurant financing, there are many ways of lowering your costs and saving up some money; starting a restaurant does not need to break the bank. You can launch a restaurant on a budget if you take heed of the following tips.

Prioritize deliveries

When you were initially planning your restaurant, you had visions of a crowded space with a great ambience. Unfortunately, that is no longer our reality. Right now, the restaurants making the most money are those who do delivery right. And when this crisis is over, they will be able to build on their success.

You will be able to run a restaurant the way you intended. It’s just not going to be as organic as it once was. Take advantage of that by getting a smaller space and saving on overheads. If you’re no longer prioritizing sit-down business, you can also choose a location that is slightly less traversed.

Remember that deliveries require different strategies than a sit-down model. You will need to market yourself well, as well as focusing on making food that is easy to package and tastes great upon delivery.

Save on furniture

The aesthetics of your restaurant are incredibly important. However, this does not mean you need to spend millions on making your restaurant look expensive. If you are not aiming to attract the super-rich, a space that looks clean and new is more important than fancy furniture.

Get restaurant furniture for less and you will also not get stuck with a style that goes out of fashion. Ultra-modern restaurant furniture tends to be less comfortable and can start to look gauche very quickly.

That’s not to say you won’t get innovative furniture at a discount. Simply remember that exciting styles do not need to be your priority.

Buy ugly produce

All of us living in the twenty-first century are somewhat shallow. Which is why tons of produce goes to waste every year simply because it is ugly. When shopping, we are always going to choose fruit and veg that looks uniformly “attractive.”

However, when running a restaurant, patrons are not going to see your produce before it is chopped up and cooked. And because it all tastes the same, it doesn’t matter how wonky it may be.

A lot of ugly produce goes to waste, and it is therefore a lot cheaper than the produce you will find in a store. There are a number of companies that collect this kind of produce and sell it to restaurants and individuals. It is a great way to save money without impacting the quality of your meals.

Published: August 10, 2020

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