Convert Non-Commercial Space into an Inspiring Office

A couple of years ago, a start-up incubator in Stockholm received plenty of publicity when it converted a former Greek Orthodox Church into a co-working space for start-ups.

5 New Trends in Corporate Design

Office spaces are no longer a bland land of cubicles and white-washed walls. Companies finally realized that when employees actually want to be at work, they will be more productive.

Top 5 Considerations When Moving Physical Office Locations

Changing the physical location of your business is an exciting process, but it can also be quite stressful. There's a lot to do and consider throughout the transition, like how to alert your clients to the change and whether or not you should keep your current business phone system.

10 Tips for Saving Money on Common Business Items and Necessities

As a small business, you should be penny pinching at every possible angle. Here, we'll provide ten sharp ways in which to do save money on your business operations.

4 Breakroom Perks Your Employees Will Truly Appreciate

When most people think of a breakroom, they think of a dingy place with fluorescent lighting and perhaps a communal table and refrigerator. It...

Moving Your Business to a New Town

This week two people asked me how to move a business to a new location. When you are successful in one location you will be a success in your new town too.

6 Hot Tips to Create an Office Space Your Employees Won’t Want to Leave

There’s no denying that working in an office environment can be insanely tedious. Walled in white boxes with bland colors, unsatisfying layouts and cluttered...

Happy Anniversary “Office Space!” This Is How You Should Really Use Your Printer

Many of us can relate to the struggles of 9-5 cubicle life, most perfectly portrayed in the film Office Space. The cult-classic first debuted...

Find the Right Accountant for Your Business

Every business has accounting needs. But how do you find the right accountant for your specific needs? Not all accountants or accounting firms are the same, and understanding the differences will help you build the right relationships for your business.

How Your Chair is Silently Harming You

Do you spend more than six hours in a day sitting in a chair or a couch? You are not alone in moving towards...

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