Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Your Startup

Finding a way to fund a tech startup can seem like a never-ending cycle. After all, you want to start a business so that you can make money, but getting a business going requires money.

5 Ways Alternative Finance Can Help Your Online Business

Running an online business without a physical shop can be challenging. Whether it’s keeping up to date with changing terms and conditions or dealing...

5 Ways to Start or Buy a Business Without Any Money

What a tragedy that so many great businesses ideas are never executed for want of one critical resource: money. Many would-be entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible...

Challenges Facing Women Entrepreneurs

Last month, the Gender GEDI Index—the branch of Dell's Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index focused on opportunities for women—ranked the U.S. first out of 17 countries as a haven for female entrepreneurship. However, as even the U.S. scored only a 76 on a 100-point scale, it's clear that there are still challenges facing women entrepreneurs in this country.

Hungry Entrepreneurs Always Seem to Find Capital

Every startup needs access to capital, whether for funding product development, for initial rollout efforts, acquiring inventory, or paying that first employee. Most entrepreneurs think first of bank loans as the primary source of money, only to find out that banks are really the least likely benefactors for startups. Thus "creative" really means maximizing non-bank financing.

8 Guidelines for Friends and Family Startup Funding

Friends and family will likely not expect the same level of sophistication on the business model and financials as a professional investor, but they do expect to see certain things. Here is a summary of some key items to think about as an entrepreneur before approaching friends, family, or even fools.

Startup Salaries: Why Less is More

It's no surprise many entrepreneurs dream of becoming millionaires. After all, the startups we always hear about are the wildly successful ones. Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the top 20 richest people in the world after starting Facebook in his college dorm room, and Jeff Bezos is worth billions after starting Amazon out of his garage.

Do We All Undervalue Bootstrapping?

In business schools, in popular blogs, in business publications, and in general discussion of starting a business, we undervalue bootstrapping. We teach starting a...

Why VC Funding Might Not Be for You

It's an exciting time for startups and aspiring business founders. With investors pumping so much money into the industry it's easy to see why. We're...

8 Key Rules for Starting a Business on a Shoestring

A few years ago, before the Internet was pervasive, before everyone carried a smartphone and before do-it-yourself software tools were available for free, it...

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