Stuck Selling a Commodity? How to Multiply Your Margins

You could order online and send a dozen roses to someone you love for about $20. I just checked. So why would you—or anyone else—pay...

Are You Creating Value or Cost?

There are thousands of posts and hundreds of books on Value Creation. I’ve, in fact, written 285 since starting this blog and dozens of...

Are Declining Sales OK?

Most business owners think that you have to grow your sales from year to year. But is that really true? Volume is vanity. Profits are sanity.

Is Your Customer Loyal to You or Your Price?

What would happen if you were just a little higher priced than your competitor? How would your customers react? Would your loyal customers continue to do business with you, in spite of your higher price?

The Best Clients I’ll Ever Defend

Is every potential client a good fit for you? Before you answer, think carefully: every single one? Fairly often, I get quizzical looks when I tell people that I work almost exclusively with small non-profit organizations and very small mission-driven businesses.

When Buyers Behave Irrationally

Being known for consistently high quality increases the desire buyers have for your offerings as well as the premium they're willing to pay.

How to Find Out What You’re Actually Spending on Customer Acquisition

Getting a new customer isn’t easy, but it can be done. Before you break out the bubbly to celebrate, however, you’ll want to know...

Wooing a Big Business? Don’t Make This Common Pricing Mistake

If your B2B small business finds itself on a nice growth curve, you will eventually run up against a very common problem: How to...

Evaluate All Your Products and Services Each Year

“Cut your losses and let your profits run.” ~Proverb Many businesses fall into the trap of assuming that products or services generating great sales revenue are...

Guide to Smart Pricing: What Are You Really Worth?

Getting your pricing just right is tricky. There are big downsides to keeping your prices too low. But it's easy to raise them too high for people to buy anything anymore.

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