What Does This Pricing Strategy Say to You?

Your pricing strategy is one of the key components of your marketing message. It speaks about things far beyond your cost. It communicates value, customer attentiveness and how you view the relationship, both short and long term. It's not something you should just stumble into.

How to Maximize Revenue with a Small Team

In a small business, it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Sometimes, team members may become focused on minor details that don’t really...

When Profits Collapse, Don’t Turn to Discounting

I've been in the business world for over 40 years and I've lost count of the number of times that discounting has exacerbated a sales decline it was intended to avert. Conversely, I've seen sale declines turn around with amazing alacrity through more focused, value-oriented marketing messages.

Why the First $1,000 is the Hardest

You’re not getting paid what you’re worth. You feel under-appreciated, and no one takes you seriously. Your income comes in fits and starts, if at all…...

The Most Effective Holiday Discount Offers

Holiday retail season is almost here! Bring on Chrismukkah, Cyber Monday and Festivus! Soon, many companies will start to offer an array of discounts to boost their holiday sales.

Why Should Businesses Make Use of Coupons Websites?

Coupon websites offer customers with discounts on goods and services. Customers access the codes online and make use of them when making purchases in...

Incorrectly Pricing Your Product or Service

Most new business owners tend to undervalue what they charge for their work and services in order to compensate for not being as established as their competitors. As long as you have a top notch customer service experience and offer a product or service that's similar or better than a competitor, you shouldn't devalue yourself.

The Real Cost of Loss Leaders: Can You Afford Them?

From time to time some companies lose money on projects through labor overages, material overages or mispricing a project. They have to work harder and more efficiently to make up for those losses. But how much harder and how much more efficiently?

The Grinch and Me

‘Twas the night before Christmas / The store had just closed / I tallied receipts / Adding to my woes

How to Get the Hard-to-Get Clients, Part 1

In How to Avoid the Low Price Trap we talked about focusing on the tops of the trees, the hard to get clients with the best paying projects. But how do you build that ladder to reach them?

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