The Wrong Hero

If you want your marketing messages to translate into sales at premium prices, tell stories in which customers and prospects can experience the joy of your offerings—even if they haven't tried them yet.

Sometimes Revenue Is the Wrong Sales Metric

Revenue is important! The top sales executive needs to be accountable for producing the expected revenue. But the top sales executive is also accountable for executing the corporate strategy. Sometimes to do both, we have to change the way we measure (and compensate) sales people. Sometimes revenue quotas are the wrong thing.

How to Get the Hard-to-Get Clients, Part 1

In How to Avoid the Low Price Trap we talked about focusing on the tops of the trees, the hard to get clients with the best paying projects. But how do you build that ladder to reach them?

Small Changes in Prices Can Make a Big Difference

If your business is trying to increase profits, raising prices is something you might consider in today's economy. However, you have to be so careful when doing this so as not to alarm your customers.

Why You Should Consider Giving Your Product Away for Free

In June, my company Testive announced that we were dropping the pay wall on our online SAT and ACT prep products. No limits. No locked content. No ads. Don't be confused—we did this to grow our business, not shrink it. So far it's working—we've had record sales every month since then. Here's what we learned.

How to Get the Hard-to-Get Clients, Part 3

Now that you have something worth their attention, how do you make contact? By phone? By mail? Before you decide, it helps to first understand how effort and resistance determine which contact methods work best and why.

Value Creation as a Form of Discounting

There are all sorts of articles on creating superior differentiated value. Lots of them talk about creating more value than the customer expects, surprising...

The Best Clients I’ll Ever Defend

Is every potential client a good fit for you? Before you answer, think carefully: every single one? Fairly often, I get quizzical looks when I tell people that I work almost exclusively with small non-profit organizations and very small mission-driven businesses.

Local Revenue vs. Online Revenue, or Both

If you are trying to keep your business local, there are several ways to do it. You can do it without doing business online...

If We Make It About Price, We Force the Customer to Make It About...

This post should be filed under the "I'm not creative enough to make these stories up." A close friend is VP of Procurement for a very large multinational. This morning we were catching up on a number of things and he mentioned 3 very large vendor negotiations he had just completed.

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