New Freemium Formula Pits Revenue Against User Satisfaction

What would you think of a restaurant that offered really good food, but the salad is free and the dressing is extra? The potatoes are free but the sour cream is extra. The soup is free but heating it costs extra. And table service is free if you wait two hours, but table service in 20 minutes costs extra.

How to Avoid a Freemium Flop

The freemium business model has become the model of choice for a wide variety of startups. Like any good courtship, it gives two parties a chance to know one another better before signing on as lasting partners. And, as in any relationship, there are risks for things to go wrong.

3 Top Myths Surrounding Product Discounts

While you don’t want to go reducing prices at random, every now and then the payoff can be huge. Each customer has a set price...

Evaluate All Your Products and Services Each Year

“Cut your losses and let your profits run.” ~Proverb Many businesses fall into the trap of assuming that products or services generating great sales revenue are...

Want to Sell More Stuff? Raise Your Prices

Nearly every small business wants to sell more stuff— stuff being whatever your product or service is. After all, your business can't survive if you aren't selling stuff and generating revenue. But not all sales are the same, and selling the wrong way can ultimately hurt your small business.

Couponing for Greater Profits

Sometimes, customers need that little extra incentive to come calling at your small business. Consider the coupon. Long viewed as the housewives’ shopping companion (Grandma loved...

How to Make Your Recurring Revenues Oil and Not Glue

Some types of businesses generate more and more recurring revenues over time, often growing to a size where recurring revenues pay all of the...

Create a Ten Percent Profit Model

Most entrepreneurs, when starting to model their business operations using a spreadsheet, start with expected revenue by month. Then they calculate cost of sales, and then project their expenses, to find the bottom line profit or loss each projected month.

How to Forecast Sales and Profits Without Just Guessing

Yes, it’s—my title here—a real question, and I get it a lot: how to forecast sales and profits without just guessing. It’s a good...

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Trade Promotion

Trade promotion is a tricky subject because of the sheer amount of money that is at risk. Often, trade promotions will be the most expensive marketing tool that is used for the year and it has the potential to either make or break a company.

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