Are You Creating Value or Cost?

There are thousands of posts and hundreds of books on Value Creation. I’ve, in fact, written 285 since starting this blog and dozens of...

A Tale of Two Pricing Strategies

Imagine two companies. One touts the results the customer can expect and charges premium prices, the other touts its low prices. Which one wins?

Pricing Strategy Guide for Product Businesses

It’s obvious that the price of your products have a lot to do with the profitability of your business. Exactly how to price products...

Want to Sell More Stuff? Raise Your Prices

Nearly every small business wants to sell more stuff— stuff being whatever your product or service is. After all, your business can't survive if you aren't selling stuff and generating revenue. But not all sales are the same, and selling the wrong way can ultimately hurt your small business.

How to Avoid a Freemium Flop

The freemium business model has become the model of choice for a wide variety of startups. Like any good courtship, it gives two parties a chance to know one another better before signing on as lasting partners. And, as in any relationship, there are risks for things to go wrong.

10 Steps to a Successful Pricing Strategy

During the price strategy planning processes, companies assess past strategies, analyze how well each did, and plan prices for the upcoming year, eagerly anticipating...

Why It Is Crucial That Business Owners Understand Financial Markets

It is estimated that a staggering 96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years, and this has much to do with the complexities...

What Does Your Pricing Say About You?

Last week, we explored some of the key considerations that a business should take into account as they set their prices. But this week,...

A Valuable Product Strategy You Might Not Have Considered

As business owners, we are always thinking about more: How can we find more clients? How can we give our clients more than our...

Using Barter to Boost Sales

Businesses can utilize barter to boost sales production. It's easy, it's smart and it works like a charm. In its simplest form, bartering involves an equal trade. One business swaps a good or service for another.

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