How to Effectively Use Price Comparison Sites to Increase Sales

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, you already know (or are experiencing) how difficult it is to get the eyeballs of customers. In a...

Has “Sale” Become a Four-Letter Word?

There is a growing awareness in retail that a once surefire way to save the day is gone forever. When all else failed, retailers could always compete on price. Those days, in the words of the old song, are dwindling down to a precious few.

Is Your Customer Loyal to You or Your Price?

What would happen if you were just a little higher priced than your competitor? How would your customers react? Would your loyal customers continue to do business with you, in spite of your higher price?

3 Top Myths Surrounding Product Discounts

While you don’t want to go reducing prices at random, every now and then the payoff can be huge. Each customer has a set price...

How Do I Create High Margins?

One of the most difficult elements of marketing for most people is the art and science of pricing. There's a lot of science to it—but it's also an art. How do you price your goods and your services? Where do you start?

How to Make Your Recurring Revenues Oil and Not Glue

Some types of businesses generate more and more recurring revenues over time, often growing to a size where recurring revenues pay all of the...

SMB Promotional Coupon Marketing Boo Boos to Avoid

Many small and medium-sized businesses have conducted promotional marketing campaigns on sites like Groupon and Living Social and in direct mail coupon value packs. You'd think these coupon deals would be bringing in new and repeat customers like crazy. But are they?

Couponing for Greater Profits

Sometimes, customers need that little extra incentive to come calling at your small business. Consider the coupon. Long viewed as the housewives’ shopping companion (Grandma loved...

How to Get the Hard-to-Get Clients, Part 1

In How to Avoid the Low Price Trap we talked about focusing on the tops of the trees, the hard to get clients with the best paying projects. But how do you build that ladder to reach them?

Do You Offer Customer Friendly Prices?

Do you offer customer-friendly pricing? Or, are your customers surprised to find that fees, surcharges or other costs have been added to their bill...

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