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Simple Ways to Get More Customers from Your Website

Simple Ways to Get More Customers from Your Website

Got a website but not getting any results? Is your website receiving traffic but no sales?

There are lots of reasons for traffic that doesn’t convert. To increase your chances I have put together 6 simple steps you can take to turn your website visitors into paying customers.

Get More Customers from Your Website

Add a landing page

No matter what time of website you have, a landing page gives you a blank canvas to start generating sales. Since landing pages are often designed independent from your original site, they come without the problems that prevent your site from converting.

Landing pages are a highly effective way to direct customers through your sales funnel. They hone in on one product & achieve laser focus.

Since they are quick and easy to set up, it isn’t too difficult to create multiple versions of a landing page.

By analyzing the results from 2 or more landing pages, also known as split testing, you can choose to run the design which generates the best results.

Increase trust factors

Sometimes you can have everything right on your website, but visitors decide they just don’t trust you. This isn’t usually personal, consumers are rightly cautious online, when it affects your sales, it becomes a problem.

How to increase trust on your website

  • Include social proof – Shoppers regularly look for reviews or testimonials from other customers before making purchasing decisions online. If they see that your business is trusted by others, they will be more at ease and more likely to buy from you. If your business has been mentioned in a particular publication, or given a certain award, why not mention that on your website? Seeing trusted brand names is a surefire way to create instant trust.
  • Visible contact details – Placing your phone number & business address will give visitors confidence that they are dealing with a legitimate business. Your contact information should be clearly visible when people land on your website.
  • Improve security – We live in an age where cybercrime is posing a more prominent threat to businesses & induvial on a daily basis. If you handle sensitive data on your website, make sure you get an SSL certificate to encrypt it.

Add more call to actions

Are there enough CTA’s on your website? Can people act upon the content on your site? Is it clear where visitors should go on your site?

According to a study by Online Business Coach, 70% of small businesses B2B websites lack a call to action.

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Well placed call to actions direct your visitors where you want them. If people don’t know where to go, they can’t take effective action.

Add an Effective Call to Action with Hello Bar

Hello Bar is one of my favorite ways to quickly and easily add a highly visible CTA to any web page. By default it acts as a bar at the top of your website. Use it to collect emails, generate phone calls & promote special offers.

Hello bar offers a free version as well as some paid plans, to create your bar with call to action, enter your website address & follow the instructions: https://www.hellobar.com

Use Urgency in Your Copy

Adding a sense of urgency to your sales copy is an easy way to I increase your chances of making a sale.

Urgency limits hesitation & encourages immediate action.

How to add urgency in your writing

  • Set a time limit – Hit home the fact that the offer is for a limited time only. Repeat the deadline throughout the copy: Headline, Content & in the call to action.
  • Keep writing to the point – If you want to keep your readers attention, keep your copy short & to the point so it flows easily.
  • Limit your supply – Promote scarcity by telling readers you have a limited supply. Use phrases such as ‘while stocks last,’ ‘for the first 50 customers’ and ‘just two left.’

Format your writing

It’s something so simple, but it’s amazing how often people forget to format their writing.

Using headings, bold & italic text helps to emphasis the benefits that cause readers to take action.

The quicker you can get these points across, the quicker you can make a sale. Never neglect good formatting!

  • Can readers scan your content?
  • Can they understand the key points quickly after visiting your website?
  • Avoid large blocks of text and maintain your reader’s attention with brief, easy to read paragraphs.

Capture their emails

If you can’t make a sale from your visitors now, take their email for a chance to close the sale at a later date.
It is far cheaper to target reciprocal visitors than gain new ones, so by gaining their email address you can promote to them time & time again.

Tips to collect emails on your website

  • Use an opt-in pop up
  • Offer an incentive (discount, eBook etc.)
  • Offer alerts & price updates

Bonus tips

Published: December 3, 2015

Source: Elvin Web Marketing

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