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5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

By: SmallBizClub


Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a small business owner? Is your website attractive enough to help you accomplish your desired goals?

If not, it’s time to reconsider the design of your website or upgrade it with latest features and functionalities. Remember, your website is your business face to prospective audiences. Moreover, it forms a pivotal part of your branding and marketing strategies.

Usually, potential customers visit your website for the content you are sharing, the visual appeal of your website and overall functionality—every element is critical for its success and for creating your brand’s image. However, missing a single element in your web design can adversely affect your business.

There are 5 common web design mistakes that you should never make if you really want to enhance your user experience and polish up your bottom line:

  • Confusing Navigation

Many businesses overlook the navigation part in terms of making their website user-friendly. The navigation should be clear enough to make a user’s journey through your website smooth. Your website is likely to become a user’s favorite if they will find everything right in the place indicated by your navigation.

  • Poor CTAs

Call to Action buttons play a key role in terms of guiding visitors to a desired location—be it the Bespoke landing page, subscription page or payment gateway. Make sure you select the right naming conventions for labelling your CTAs. When users feel that you are delivering exactly what you claim, they’ll find you trustworthy. As a result, they’ll be more likely to enter into a business deal with you.

  • Inappropriate Colors

Awesome navigation and clearly defined CTAs will be of no use until and unless you have selected the right color combination for your website. Generally, it’s preferable to move forward with only two colors in order to avoid confusion. Mix and match different colors to find the best combination. You can ask for suggestions from the people around you as well—any colleague or friend can offer valuable help.

  • Inadequate Content

Content rules the web market. Work precisely on the content part as your words can make or break your business’s identity. There’s no point in sharing a long story when you can convey the same thing merely within a line or two. Research the most powerful words relevant to your business and create a lasting professional impression on the minds of readers.

  • Clutter

Last but not least; don’t ever treat your website like a kitchen sink where you can drop every dirty dish. Being creative is good, but only if you respect the limits. Excessive creativity can make visitors feel overwhelmed. They might not wish to continue with your website due to loads of things scattered all over the place. Always remember: keeping things simple and sorted is the ultimate way to success.

I hope you will find helpful all the things mentioned above and take care to avoid those elements that could seriously hamper the user experience on your website.

Author: Kristy Bernales is an experienced designing professional with a reputed web design and development firm based in Melbourne – Web Design Xperts. She loves reading and blogging too. She often likes Chinese treats whenever she hangs out with her best buddies.

Published: May 9, 2016

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