Brand Protection for Mature Companies

trademark printed on rubber stamp

Congratulations!  Your company has become a success.  You have already proven out the basic elements of your company and are able to scale and implement this into different markets.  You imagine this company will be a cash cow for years to come. Doesn’t this make your company ripe for copying?  Using similar names is one…

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Brand Protection for Startups and Younger Companies

advertising designer creative start-up team discussing ideas in office.

Starting a company is difficult.  One thing that makes this so difficult is the owner is faced with so many different initial steps.  Some steps such as forming an entity or getting a tax identification number are often required, and other steps such as acquiring a domain name and creating a website seem essential.  Where…

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Entrepreneurship and Branding with Leroy Hite (Podcast)

Young man in red shirt talking into microphone in a studio

In this podcast episode of “Made in Atlanta,” hosted by Liger Chief Strategist Eric V. Holtzclaw, we dive into the entrepreneurial journey of Leroy Hite, founder of Cutting Edge Firewood, a brand that elevated firewood to a luxury lifestyle product. Leroy shares the strategic moves that catapulted his business to success, such as impactful marketing…

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How to Run a Successful Used Car Dealership

Due to a wide range of factors, more and more motorists are entering the used car market, as opposed to buying new. This is fantastic news for used car dealers, but how can you stand out from the crowd in such a competitive marketplace? Running a successful used car dealership is no easy feat, but…

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How to Create a Successful Business Around Your Music: 4 Steps

a woman playing guitar with a band behind her in a small studio

Diving headfirst into the rhythm of the business world, turning your passion for music into a profitable venture isn’t just a daydream – it’s doable. Like composing a hit track, it takes harmony between creativity and commercial savvy to create a business around your music. With that beat in our ears, we’ll explore some clear-cut…

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Tips for Starting a Small Business

coworkers giving each other a high five

Starting a small business is an exciting venture that can lead to personal fulfillment and financial independence. However, it’s also a journey filled with challenges and learning experiences. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or in the early stages of setting up your business, these tips will provide valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate…

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Should Businesses Utilize Air Dancers for Marketing?

a photo of an air dancer being used as a marketing tool

In the ever-evolving landscape of business marketing, standing out in a crowded market is a challenge that every business faces. Among the myriad of advertising tools available, one unique and eye-catching option is the use of a custom air dancer. These vibrant, dancing inflatables can be a surprisingly effective marketing tool. Here is a deeper…

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7 Reasons Your Small Business Is Losing Leads

a dial turning leads to the max level

Lead loss is a significant hurdle for small businesses as it substantially influences overall success. This problem occurs when the potential leads generated by the business fail to convert into customers. In this guide, we explore the common reasons for lead loss in small businesses and proffer actionable methods to curtail this challenge. Inconsistent Branding…

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Domain Branding: Elements of an Effective Name Selection Strategy

infographic highlighting the complexities of selecting a domain name

Finding a compelling domain name as part of a strategic domain branding effort is crucial for businesses or individuals seeking a strong online presence.  This significance is highlighted by the fact that, as of October 2023, 51.6% of global websites utilized a .com top-level domain (TLD), emphasizing its consistent popularity and the importance of domain…

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