Richard Rimer

Richard Rimer is an experienced IP attorney who practices exclusively in the area of brand protection. He left BigLaw in 2021 to start his own firm which is focused on the legal needs of small and mid-sized companies. When he's not helping companies avoid legal drama, you can often find him at home spending time with his wife and four daughters.


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Brand Protection for Mature Companies

Congratulations!  Your company has become a success.  You have already proven out the basic elements of your company and are able to scale and implement this into different markets.  You imagine this company will be…

advertising designer creative start-up team discussing ideas in office.

Brand Protection for Startups and Younger Companies

Starting a company is difficult.  One thing that makes this so difficult is the owner is faced with so many different initial steps.  Some steps such as forming an entity or getting a tax identification…

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Trademark 101: How to Protect Your Brand

Trademark is the area of law that helps companies protect their brands.  “Trademark” is a great word for a lawyer, but I prefer to speak to the masses.  I call this brand protection law. Did…