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How to Harness Your Mindful Brand

By: Ed Roach


How to Harness Your Mindful Brand

For many people who have businesses, the only awareness they have of their brand is what other people tell them. Other people’s experiences. Mindful branding is a personal self-awareness of your brand. How do you feel about your brand? Are you conscious of how your brand reacts with your other life experiences?

Often times, when bad things happen we attribute the reason to fate. We liken it to being out of our hands and into the greater hands of the universe. We pay little attention to how it affects our mind and body when bad things happen. Understanding how we feel helps us to cope and brings that experience back around to something positive. This is a form of taking back control. My brand experience with myself is an expectation of greatness. I often attribute successes to an ability to surround myself with positive vibes and a willingness to go out on a limb—take chances.

When you work towards a goal and an opportunity presents itself, what is your typical first reaction to that opportunity? Are you mindful of how it affects you physically and mentally? Does it scare you? Does your heart beat faster? Does it excite you? I often get excited and want to figure out how I can best take advantage of what has just presented itself. Stop in that moment and be aware of yourself. If you experience a moment of euphoria, how does that manifest itself physically and mentally? Harnessing that energy can drive the positive outcome you desire.

So the next time you are presented with an opportunity, try and stop what you’re doing and take your mind inside. Consider your breathing, your heart rate, your reasoning. All of these things help you to determine your next steps. Do you expect to succeed? Do you feel pumped and have an expectation of success or do you fall back and throw up barriers based on past opportunities that may have delivered a less than positive return. Not being mindful of your brand leaves you with the disadvantage not knowing how to overcome negative expectations. We all know that great opportunities are in short supply, and many times the reason we fail is because we expect to fail. Changing the expectation is exactly what mindful branding delivers.

Understanding that that nervous feeling in our gut is normal for us, but if we focus (or be mindful) we can change the typical outcome. Having a mindful brand is having a self-aware brand. If we like what we see within ourselves we can also refine it with the outside world. Others will see something different that is happening to your brand. You allow them to see your light.

Published: August 12, 2016

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For more than 25 years, Ed Roach has worked with hundreds of successful small businesses by helping them develop unique brand positioning strategies that differentiate them from their competition. Ed appreciates working with companies who see the value of going beyond mere slogans and have a desire to sell from compelling positions, and consults predominantly with businesses facilitating his proprietary process, "Brand Navigator." This branding process effectively focuses a company's brand, delivering a positioning strategy that can be taken to their marketplace. He is the author of "101 Branding Tips," a book of practical advice for your brand that you can use today.

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