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Texting Parties with Kayla McGee

By: Deb Bixler


Texting Parties

Kayla McGee is an Independent Consultant and Senior Manager with Pink Zebra. She shared with us on the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio about how she uses texting parties as one more type of party to offer to her clients.

Kayla McGee On Texting Parties

Everyone texts so why not do texting parties!?

Usually these types of parties are conducted quickly. When a host decides s/he wants to do a party via text she normally would want to start it the next day.

Kayla’s simple system for texting parties:

  1. The host will send out 2 text messages that you prepare for her/him that include:  Something exciting on a benefit of why they may like to participate that will grab their attention and are you interested in looking at the online catalog?
  2. After each guests responds with a yes to the first text: The host would send the second text with the link to the catalog, how to access this particular show and how to order, with another benefit possibly pointing out sale items or the host’s favorite product and a thank you for checking out the party

No host packet is necessary due to the fast-paced nature of these events. Kayla uses a hostess tic-tac-toe as the host coaching tool with a bonus for a blackout (totally filled in) grid.

The average texting party has sales between $150 – $200… Easy money!!!

Host coaching is the key to party plan success whether it is texting, Facebook, or live parties. Any form of hostess coaching is definitely going to improve your sales!

Kayla McGee, Pink Zebra

Starting talking up texting parties at your current shows and you will appeal to more of your existing clients!

Published: April 4, 2018

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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