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Which Email Marketing Service Is Best?

By: Brian Wallace


Easy Way to Find Any Email

Businesses see a 4,400% return of investment (ROI) on every one dollar spent marketing through email. Although the Internet has deemed email “dead,” that 4,400% ROI translates into 45 USD. Knowing that, it seems email is actually more alive than it’s ever been.

At present, email marketing acquires 40x more customers than Facebook and Twitter campaigns combined. Even more, email offers increase consumer spending by nearly 138%.

As a result, 90% of marketing professionals have begun using email engagement as their top metric for measuring content performance. Additionally, 87% of marketing professionals name email as one of their top free and organic distribution channels.

Watch Your Open Rates

There’s no doubt that email is a great marketing tactic. The remaining question is: what does it take to achieve email marketing success?

In short, a successful marketer will have mastered tactics for boosting email open rates, increasing click rates, and avoiding spam complaints. 59% of marketing professionals say email is their biggest source of ROI, and 81% of marketing professionals say email newsletters are their most used form of content marketing. Even more specifically, 31% of marketing professionals say email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads.

Remember: only 21.33% of marketing emails are opened by recipients. When working on methods to boost email open rates, replace any irrelevant or uninteresting subject lines. Segment contacts, as well. This ensures subscribers receive only the most relevant content.

What’s an irrelevant or uninteresting subject line?

Anything that isn’t personal, brief, and/or direct. As a general rule of thumb, use the recipient’s name or location in the subject line, and keep it under 10 words and/or 60 characters. Along with that, use no more than 3 punctuation marks.

If you have multiple subject lines in mind, give them an A/B test. This way, you can learn which variation your customers prefer. It’s important to focus content on those who want it, which is how segmenting contents into geolocations (i.e. time zones or regions) and interest groups can help.

Something else you can try to increase your clicks is changing your link text – and avoid using “click here.” Also, try embedding multiple links to the same content and creating descriptive and concise link text. A/B testing can also be helpful here, helping you gauge insights on content blocks.

Today, marketers have a broad range of email marketing platforms to choose from, but which is best?

Published: November 27, 2020

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