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Leverage AI to Transform Your Marketing Plans

Leverage AI to Transform Your Marketing Plans

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming the norm in a myriad of industries, but many small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike still have yet to employ it to meet their business goals. Few mom and pop shops seem to realize the true potential artificial intelligence holds, and don’t understand how fundamentally it can transform your business’ marketing strategy.

So how can you employ artificial intelligence for greater success, and what common missteps should you learn to avoid? Follow these tips, and your business will be using cutting-edge tech to thrive in no time.

Rely on the power of machines

The first thing that you should understand when it comes to leveraging AI to transform your marketing strategy is that these machines are vastly more powerful than any one human employee. Modern marketing solutions that rely on AI often employ complex algorithmic processes capable of sorting through mountains of data in mere seconds, and can detect patterns no human employee would have noticed.

This doesn’t mean you should fear for your job, however; machines and people go well together, and AI can actually make human employees far more productive, rather than replacing them.

To brush up and prepare yourself for the work to come establishing an AI-empire for yourself, you should look to what others in your industry are doing. The vast consensus within the realm of marketing is that artificial intelligence isn’t something that’s going to happen soon, but rather something that’s already happening now.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, AI is already sculpting the marketplace in its image, and you can’t afford to miss out on the gains it offers to businesses everywhere.

In order to employ AI marketing solutions, however, you don’t need to be some marketing mammoth; small companies can leverage AI just as easily as large ones, provided they have a savvy IT team or marketing squad ready to work with the latest tech.

A company like Tailor Brands has successfully leveraged this technology to deliver branding solutions and others are also moving into this field. The company has used AI-powered analytics to take in big data collated from multiple platforms. These datasets are then used to identify new patterns, giving them insight into their customers’ needs and future requirements.

Another cheap and easy way to get AI involved in your marketing process is to turn to social media; modern platforms like Facebook and Twitter are used by millions of consumers, and complex algorithms can ensure that your advertisements appear only in the timelines of those customers most likely to shop at your specific store.

These platforms aren’t only ideal for reaching your potential customers, but they’re incredibly cheap, too. It goes without saying that automating any business process entails some savings for businesses, but few managers or business owners seem to realize how cheap it can be to read thousands of customers through today’s most popular social media websites.

You don’t have to rely on social media alone, however; artificial intelligence is changing marketing across the board, and will quickly come to reshape your traditional advertisements, as well.

It’s all about the data

A vital aspect of artificial intelligence converging with marketing that’s far too often missed by business owners is the importance of data quality. Your data quality is the most important facet of any AI-based marketing plan, and it goes without saying that your company needs to invest the necessary amount to ensure the information it’s basing its marketing campaign on its accurate.

Luckily, in today’s digital age, data is more available and accurate than ever, provided you have an adequate budget and know what to look for. You’ll soon find that AI-based marketing strategies tell you more about your customers than you ever imagined possible, and will go a long way towards helping you with other aspects of your business, like customer service, too.

AI’s applications seem virtually limitless, and you’ll be struggling to find any part of your business that it can’t be used in some way to help optimize.

Of course, artificial intelligence in and of itself isn’t capable of fundamentally revolutionizing your business from the ground up; to do that, it will need your help, too. A tool is only as powerful as the person or team wielding it, and you’ll need to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends independently of AI if you hope to remain relevant in the marketplace for long.

With an ace team of human employees utilizing AI to make their jobs easier, your marketing strategy will be immeasurable improved.

Don’t be afraid to leverage AI solutions for non-marketing problems, either. Machine learning is rapidly working its way into every facet of business in the modern world, and you can’t afford to stop modernizing after you’ve retrofitted your marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to turn to the examples of industry giants and small businesses alike, as you’ll find AI-wisdom everywhere,

Above all else, don’t fear artificial intelligence, but begin preparing to exploit it, instead; the age of AI is here, and your marketing success will largely depend on how you leverage machine learning to beat the competition.

Published: February 27, 2018

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