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6 Steps for Boosting Your Conversion Rate

By: David Smith


Steps for Boosting Conversion Rate

Did you ever do fundraisers as a child?

Maybe it was for your football or softball team or maybe for a class trip you were going on. Either way – most of us are familiar with the various fundraisers children usually do, such as going door to door selling chocolate bars or selling tin cans of popcorn or even trying to get all your parents’ friends to sign up for a monthly subscription of one of the various magazines you are offering.

But, just going door to door offering the item you are selling doesn’t get you money for what you are attempting to raise money for, right? You have to actually have people make purchases…

And, the same aspect applies to business – you have to boost your conversion rate. In other words, you have to convert the potential customers to customers.

But, just offering your product to everyone you meet won’t necessarily boost your conversion rate – boosting your conversion rate is an art that takes exquisite planning:

Create a compelling proposition

The potential of your conversion rate is determined by the value proposition – an innovation or feature that makes a product or company attractive to customers.

Rather than focusing heavily on the font and button shapes on your site, pay close attention, first, to ensuring that the content on your home page is high-quality.

Keep it clear

Oftentimes, business owners like to use jargon to try to impress their customers. You might find yourself writing as though you are speaking to an expert.

However, this only confuses the customers and they find themselves frustrated that they don’t understand. Of course, you want to sound knowledgeable but leave the industry jargon out.

Do A/B testing

When it comes to boosting your conversion rate, it is all about testing, testing, testing. So, when it comes to deciding on software, consider investing in A/B testing.

A/B testing is a technique designed to increase your website’s conversion rate – and, since most people shop online now, the conversion rate of your website is vital.

The software for A/B testing directs 50 percent of the incoming traffic to page A and the other 50 percent to page B. But, both pages have a call to action. In the end, you simply track how many people took action.

For best practice, you should have several A/B tests run on your website at any given time.

Increase trust

The fact is that people are more inclined to buy something when they trust the company or individual they are making a purchase from.

Therefore, it is vital that you add things such as customer feedback to your site to help build that trust with potential customers visiting your site.

In addition to customer feedback, highlight your expertise and other accomplishments that can help speak for your success and character.

Make it easy to buy

If customers have to search for how to make a purchase and go through several pages, you can kiss that sale goodbye. They will quickly turn around and find the product elsewhere.

Things such as a simple one-click buy option will only make customers more inclined to make a purchase.

Communicate value

Of course, building trust is vital, but communicating the value gives them more reason to trust you.

Especially if you offer things such as a warranty, be sure to highlight this in the product description. The more benefits you highlight, the more inclined people are to buy.

Take a minute to think about what makes you, as a customer, make a purchase. Become the customer for a moment and take that into consideration when trying to boost your conversion rate.

Boosting your conversion rate is the ultimate key to your success.

Published: November 21, 2017

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