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3 Reasons Why a People Counting Service Will Help Your Small Retail Business

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Most small businesses fail. Hey, we’re not trying to be mean here: it’s a simple, indisputable fact. To not fail, you’ll need every advantage you can get to rise above all the other small companies that are also fighting against looming failure, not to mention the big companies that have the infrastructure to offer cheaper products and services.

The odds are against you, so you need to use every tool you can get your hands on. One such tool is a people counting service, offered by companies that use high-grade video technology to track and analyze the people in your store. Here are 3 reasons why this service will benefit your small retail business. 
Reason 1: Know when you’re busy and when you’re not
Having accurate data about the traffic patterns of your business is invaluable. You don’t want to commit to hiring employees who have nothing to do for half of the hours you’re paying them for. On the other side of the equation, you absolutely need to have enough employees to handle your busiest hours, lest you have long lines, an overwhelmed staff, and customers frustrated with your lack of foresight.
Those issues can be alleviated with the data provided by a good people counting service. This will reveal your traffic patterns in full detail, which in turn reveals when you need to let some staff linger and when you can save some money by having less people on hand. 
Reason 2: Go beyond a head count and see what your customers do once they enter the doors
People counting services do more than just count people. Anyone could do that. 
Instead, they take the time (it takes lots of time) to track every single person and see what they do in your store. How many people come in and just loiter around for a few minutes and leave without buying anything? This is especially relevant if you operate in a mall where teenagers wander around aimlessly. 
There are cheap devices you can buy that record every person who steps foot inside your business, but they don’t separate the loiterers from the true shoppers. People counting services do. 
Reason 3: Evaluate what’s working
Maybe you’re thinking, “I already know what’s working, my stock that is selling is working and my stock is not selling isn’t working. I don’t need to hire anybody to tell me what I already know.”
But sales only tell you what has already happened. For your business to be successful, you need to accurately predict what will happen in the future.
People counting services make those predictions possible. We just told you in Reason 2 that these services track people. Well, one of the benefits of this tracking is that you can tell which of your displays are getting attention and which are being ignored. 
Sometimes, the displays that are not getting you a lot of sales still get a lot of attention. This is a sign that the sales are yet to come, but will indeed come. Conversely, people counting services will tell you which displays aren’t selling because they are actually being ignored. Then you know it’s time to switch things up.
There is no better way to tell what is working and what isn’t working than by using the analysis provided by a people counting service. 
Adam RichieAuthor: Adam Ritchie is a freelance writer and SEO strategist based in Tallahassee, Florida. When he isn’t writing, Adam spends his free time reading, traveling, and watching his beloved Jacksonville Jaguars struggle on Sundays. Adam has ghostwritten countless articles and eBooks, and he works as a contributor for Countwise People Counting Service.
Twitter: @adamritchiewhat
Published: October 21, 2014

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