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How to Supercharge Your Headlines Using These 4 Tips: Part 1

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How to Supercharge Your Headlines

So, you’ve got a great idea for a headline for your upcoming ad campaign. Now you just need to know how to write it and “supercharge” it so it really does its job of grabbing your target prospects attention.

There are a number of ways to do that. In fact, there are some very simple, proven ways that can grab your target prospect’s attention and get them reading the rest of your ad.

It’s important that you find ways to give a solid headline a little more attention-grabbing power. And the reason for that is because there are just so many offers being made each day and week. On average, we are exposed to around 4,000 advertising messages each week so it’s important that you write a headline that cuts through the noise. That makes it seem like it’s impossible to do that but it’s not. You just need to know what you are doing first.

Here is how you can add some attention grabbing power to your headlines.

Add Power to Your Headlines by Using Verbs and Adjectives

Words are powerful. Verbs are powerful. Words, verbs, they have the power to invoke emotions in a reader. So if you want to write a headline that stands out you should always consider the verbs you are using.

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Let’s look at an example to demonstrate what I mean.

Here is a headline:

World Renowned Hypnotherapist James Stockport Shows How To Cure Anxiety

This headline could do with some more power in the form of verbs. Let’s see what we can do.

World Renowned Hypnotherapist James Stockport Shows How To Crush Anxiety Forever

In those two headlines, which do you think has more attention grabbing power? In the second headline, the only change I made was the word “Crush” instead of “Cure.” But cure is weak. Crush is powerful and more dramatic.

Let’s look at another example.

7 Step Guide Shows You How To Beat Approach Anxiety And Approach Any Woman

Compared to…

7 Step Guide Reveals How To Smash Approach Anxiety And Approach Any Woman Effortlessly

Adding the verb, smash, and also the adjective, effortlessly, gives the second headline much more attention-grabbing power and life. This is what you need. You need to get your headlines to “jump out” at your reader so they feel compelled to read the rest of your offer. The verbs and adjectives you choose to use play a huge role in this.

So when you are brainstorming your headlines, also think about where you can include a powerful verb or adjective to give your headline that extra power.

Highlight the Device of Your Product or Service

When you are writing a headline, you need to try and find little ways you can be more unique than everyone else who is regurgitating the same rubbish. What you can do, and should do, is always see where you can include the device of your product or service in your headline. And emphasize it.

What do I mean? It’s best demonstrated via examples again.

Let’s look at the following headline:

How To Lose Up To 5 lbs This Month Without Any Extra Work At The Gym

This would catch many people’s attention due to the curiosity element of the headline. BUT, it could be made more unique and powerful by adding the DEVICE that helps you lose 5 lbs per month.

This is what I mean:

How To Lose Up To 5 lbs This Month Without Any Extra Work At The Gym By Popping This Revolutionary Dietary Supplement Each Morning

The device is what makes your product or service work. In the above example, what makes the weight loss work, or achievable, is the dietary supplement. The diet supplement is the device. This is what you want to emphasize to make your headline a bit more unique and attention grabbing.

You can do this in any industry. Just think about what is it that makes your product or service work, then highlight it in the headline. It’s a sneaky but very effective way to add some extra attention grabbing power to your headlines.

This is the end of part 1 in this series. Stay tuned for the next post in this series where I will reveal two more essentials for supercharging a headline and making it stand out.

Leigh HankinAuthor: Leigh Hankin is a direct response copywriter and marketer who helps businesses get more leads and sales by writing sizzling hot words that sell. He is on a mission to help businesses stop using boring marketing and writing boring words. He has written a free guide that explains a little trick he uses for writing headlines that convert.

Twitter: @boldcraftedword
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boldlycraftedwords

Published: October 9, 2015

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