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The Unhappy Worker Effect is Slowing Down Your Business

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The Unhappy Worker Effect is Slowing Down Your Business

In today’s business world, there seems to be a revolving opinion that all employees are unhappy with their occupation. It is heard so often that people will not even ask each other how their day at work was, because they are worried they will receive the candid Napoleon Dynamite quote,

“Worst day of my life, what do you think?”

All jokes aside; as common as they may seem, unhappy employees are actually causing businesses to fail. A vast majority of customers share a need for positive customer experience, and as this study by Market Force Information shows, cashier courtesy plays a major role in a customer’s satisfaction. With employees on the front lines, businesses must recognize that their business’s success relies heavily on their employee’s motivation to succeed, and take initiative to create an environment that promotes satisfaction for all parties involved. Let’s talk about some ways business can tweak the workplace to create both employee and customer satisfaction.

Start on the Right Foot

The beginning of a healthy business-employee relationship is founded on day one. 69% of employers report that they have been affected by a bad hire, but where can the blame be laid?  As a new employee is going through orientation, it is vital to ensure they are learning what they need to know efficiently. Nothing is worse than being rushed through a useless lesson plan, getting thrown to the wolves and being expected to perform.

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Yes, there is a learning curve that is climbed with hands-on experience in any occupation, but arming employees out of the gate with the knowledge they need to perform will result in employees feeling confident and will feel good about the work they are performing. In addition to this, if employees are confident and well informed, customers will recognize this and be much more likely react positively towards their experience.

Promote Positive Workplace Culture

It is important for a business owner and their employees to work together to form trust within the business. 46% of new hires quit or get fired within their first 18 months due to workplace miscommunication. This is commonly due to companies not focusing on how well their employees mesh into the workplace environment. Withholding positive workplace cultures can be a surefire way for businesses to have both happy employees and customers who genuinely enjoy doing business with them.  How can this be achieved?

  • Recognize Success
  • Offer Constructive Criticism
  • Provide Incentives

Giving positive reinforcement and criticism, or even encouraging employees to take a break every hour to walk around the office has proven to send productivity and office morale through the roof.

Recognize Workplace Conflict

There are many types of workplace conflicts that may arise within the lifetime of a business. However it is important for employers to recognize and defeat these conflicts. Workplace hostility is a driving factor of employees leaving their jobs, which can create a heavy burden on the business to recover from. Employers must take ownership of these issues and address them positively and face-to-face, with the interest of the employees in mind.

I recently read this article that stated poor manager-employee relationships are the number one reason why even the best employees are quitting their jobs. This conflict is one that is easily resolvable and all businesses should assess their communication with employees. There is always room to improve.

Overall, it is great to witness many businesses working towards creating all-around positive workplace environments, but it is important that everybody works together to achieve this. Thank you for reading. Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below or on Twitter @TrvshLvrd_RR

Author: Taylor Tomita is a creative writer and musician residing in Boise, Idaho. He writes about all aspects of marketing and social media, and spends too much time researching these topics. In his free time you can find him creating music or exploring the town in search of good pizza. Follow him on twitter – @TrvshLvrd_RR.

Published: September 22, 2015

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