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Mastering Modern Recruitment: Leveraging AI and Strategic Insights with Brad Park

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In this podcast episode of “Made in Atlanta,” Liger Chief Strategist Eric V. Holtzclaw chats with Brad Park from Applicant Starter, discussing the challenges and strategies of modern recruiting. Brad details how Applicant Starter, a recruiting software, integrates multiple communication tools to streamline the hiring process and how they even use it in their internal hiring processes.

The conversation delves into the competitive and evolving landscape of the recruiting industry, emphasizing the importance of adapting job ads for search engine optimization and the crucial role of direct communication with potential hires. Brad also shares insights from his extensive experience in the field, touching on the significance of corporate culture and the impact of a candidate’s social media presence on hiring decisions. Made in Atlanta is brought to you by Liger, in partnership with SmallBizClub.

Published: May 7, 2024

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