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Jobs Are Overwhelming Employees’ Health

Jobs Are Overwhelming Employees Health

The idea of finding a job that is not only rewarding but values your life is more out of reach than some might think.

There are countless jobs out there putting employees at risk in many ways. As we were all reminded by the Chernobyl miniseries on TV, you might think your job is perfectly safe, because, surely, higher authorities wouldn’t allow our health to be in danger, right? Well, many times workers’ health is compromised for profit or just pure negligence, and often times they’re not even aware of it.

What Kind of Jobs Are Putting Pressure on Your Health?

Part of the reason the stress of certain jobs is overlooked is because they do not always seem so damaging, such as working the night shift.

A lot of people have worked the night shift at some point, and it does not seem like a big deal, especially because you get to go home and sleep. The problem is sleeping in the morning is unnatural to the body. This type of job puts workers at risk of developing heart conditions, like atrial fibrillation, and it puts you at risk of a heart attack.

Of course, working long hours hurts your health by putting pressure on an employee and disrupting sleep patterns.

Jobs that require you to sit 11 hours a day could be putting you at risk of colon cancer. It seems that this position could increase blood sugar levels and may trigger more inflammation inside the body. Both factors could increase the chances of a worker developing colon cancer.

Transportation jobs are also quite risky because workers are on the road longer and put themselves at risk of being in an accident.

Sometimes, these employees are also forced to work overnight or work long shifts. This leads to all sorts of additional negative actions, such as drinking more coffee, sleeping less, or holding waste too long. Drivers are also exposed to toxic fumes longer than others.

Employees who are exposed to loud noises like construction workers or even dentists are at risk of developing hearing issues. These are just some of the jobs people need to revolutionize with health in mind.

What is Being Done to Fight Back?

Fighting back starts with knowing the kind of jobs that stress the body and understanding what makes a happy and healthy work environment.

Some of the happiest and healthiest employees out there have fair wages, eat a well-balanced diet, get enough exercise, have a good work-life balance, have good working conditions, and have enough time to socialize, sleep, and unwind.

It seems that in the world’s happiest country, most of the population only spends about 1/3 of their lives working. The rest of the time is spent eating, sleeping, and just relaxing. Understanding what human beings need to be happy is the key to knowing what to fight for.

Employers are starting to see the evidence and understand that a happy and healthy worker is more productive. This means winning the fight for a healthier work environment may be closer than people imagine.

British Vitality, which is a health insurance company, sponsors a competition amongst companies to see who is creating the healthiest environment for their employees. Making companies compete for recognition while creating an incentive to be healthier is a good movement being supported.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Stress and Pressure From These Jobs?

It is important to recognize that you, as an employee, still have some power, even if your place of work has not been able to provide a more sensible work environment. The following are a few steps you can take in your workplace to increase wellness:

Healthy Eating

There are more healthy alternatives out there, making it easier for you to eat something good for your body rather than junk food. Processed foods have been linked to various issues like obesity, which is another health condition you do not want to put yourself at risk of.

Drink Water

Some people do not think water is too important or prefer to drink something like a soda or coffee. This is not a good idea since water keeps you hydrated, which helps keep your body fluids flowing and helps maintain energy levels. In high-demand jobs or dangerous jobs, being alert is vital.

Good Posture

Back problems have been linked to sedentary jobs, so you want to do your best to maintain good posture at all times. You do not want to add pressure on your spine and organs by slouching when you sit or even when you walk. It may be a little hard at first, but your health is worth it.

Take Breaks

It is important that you take as many breaks as possible. Go ahead and take those bathroom breaks, or take advantage of lunch breaks to walk as you eat something rather than just sitting in one place. Giving your brain time to rest and be enthralled by other things is good for your physical and mental health. No one is saying you should risk losing your job for these breaks; just do the best you can.

Hopefully, these points make it easier to understand the kind of stress regular folks are under due to their jobs and what can be done to fight back.

Published: June 21, 2019

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