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Avoid These 3 Employee Time-Tracking Mistakes

By: Wajid Ali


Avoid These Employee Time Tracking Mistakes

Time tracking is one of the most important parts of your business. This is especially true for larger businesses which have a lot of employees working for them. These employees often need to adjust their shifts according to their daily routines. With the increasing popularity of time tracking and with more companies looking to implement it in their work processes, many different employee time tracking systems are being introduced on the market.

Time tracking helps businesses save time by automating the workload, shift distribution, as well as payroll systems. By implementing systems like these in your business, you’ll be able to allocate the budget in a better way to increase your profitability. So, before taking any new project, you’ll able to insert the data in your employee time clock to see how long it’ll take to be completed, hence helping you in establishing realistic deadlines.

Possible Problems in Time Management Systems

Time management systems allow you to better manage the schedules of your employees as per your business needs if you are using proper timesheet template. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these systems are immune to all errors. Here are 3 of the biggest time management system mistakes that businesses regret making later on.

Implementing the System Incorrectly

By incorrectly, we simply mean not communicating with your employees and not telling them why you need to implement an automated time management system. If you surprise your employees without making the benefits and implementation clear, they will feel resentful and spied upon.

That is why you should always first get in touch with your employees (maybe arrange a meeting) and persuade them by explaining the benefits of implementing an automated employee time tracking system.

Investing in Inefficient Software

After persuading your employees, you can start the research for the most appropriate employee management system. Remember that there are lots of time tracking systems on the market, each having its very own benefits and drawbacks.

Make sure you read the reviews carefully and even use the free trials to select the software that’ll work the best for your business.

Tracking Only a Limited Number of Activities

Business owners shouldn’t try to only track the main work activities of their employees, as a substantial amount of time is also spent on other activities. Things like emails, meetings, gossiping with their colleagues and other potentially nonproductive activities also take up a considerable percentage of the working time of your employees.

According to a survey, this time adds up to around 40% of the total time spent by an average employee working in the workplace. That is almost half of the total work time of a typical employee. So, by implementing time tracking software to keep an eye on all the activities done by your employees, you can avoid the wasted time and get more work for the same amount of time and money you were giving them previously.

Telling your employees to track all the activities they perform can make them focus more on much-needed tasks.

What Are the Benefits of Avoiding These Mistakes?

There are countless benefits of avoiding the time management related mistakes in your business operations. The benefits of avoiding these mistakes would benefit your business more in the long run.

With proper time tracking, you can save a lot of your hard-earned money in the long run, and put it in something more useful. Also, the pressure on your HR department would reduce considerably, and your employees would also return to their homes satisfied.

Remember that implementing an automated employee management and tracking system might look difficult at first. You might face resistance from your employees initially, but keep your calm and explain to them why this system would be useful both for your business and for them in the long run.

Published: December 2, 2019

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