When All Else Fails, Trust Your Brand!

We all have good days and bad days. What do you do when that stretches to weeks and months? Try determining the true reason for the slow-down before you take knee-jerk reactions.

How to Tackle Your First Year as an Entrepreneur

We're about two weeks into the New Year and I've already seen a quarter of my Facebook friends declare that "2014 is gonna be my year!" Let's hope such is the case for all you entrepreneurs out there!

7 New Years’ Resolutions to Set for Your Company

As 2013 draws to an end, you're probably focused on closing out the year with a bang. You've got to think about taxes, dealing with old inventory and any other details that will help you make sure that the you can move on to next year.

How Do You Know You’re Making an Impact?

For most entrepreneurs, there's more to starting a business than wanting to make your own hours. Founders of businesses who seek to solve a problem or positively affect their community, or social entrepreneurs, are driven by something greater than the bottom line.

Chart a Course to Success for Your Business in 2014

Are you the "plan ahead" type or more of a "is it really December already" kind of planner? Either way, it's the end of the year, and that means it's time to hone in on a plan for achieving success in the new year.

Involve Your Employees in Your 2014 Plans

It's December. The last month of the year. The holidays are upon us. If you are like me, you comment on how quickly the year has flown by and start reminiscing about its good and bad points. Then your focus turns to 2014.

Employee Trust: Strategic Planning Can Kill It

Trust is the foundation of effective and authentic leadership. Without trust, leaders lose teams through attrition, or dangerously low engagement. Among the many qualities of trusted leaders, clarity is key: People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous. So, leaders who earn employee trust provide transparency around goals, plans, and expectations.

7 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive During Holiday Season

In most workplaces, the move toward the busiest holiday season of the year is marked less by the change in décor and more by the change in productivity. Read on for seven tips to keep your employees happily on task through the holidays without seeming like a killjoy.

Success Requires a Process of Excellence

Success requires a process of excellence. You can never be successful just by saying, "I'm going to succeed." Instead, you are successful when you set out to improve in every area, to study your strengths and weaknesses and pursue excellence in each aspect.

How Can You Organize Your Business with a Time Horizon?

In the world of business, so many industry terms get thrown around that it can be hard to keep up. "Time horizon" is a term with which many accountants and business owners are or should be familiar. It refers to any goal with a specific expected ending time.

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